Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tired in Brocade - Variations on a Theme

Tuesdays are difficult for me: work is busy, I have to take off in the middle of it for 2 hours to do my WW meeting (I work a 9.5 hour day on Monday and a 9 hour day on Tuesday to make up that time), then right after work I head out to the main WW location and give my evening meeting. No men this time, but I had 3 women who stuck around! It's progress!

And when I get home from that, it's poker night with the boys (I don't really play poker, I play D&D...shhhhhhh...it's my nerdy secret) which usually goes on quite late. So here I am, it's late and I'm tired. And yet, all this chatty chatty from me. Hmmm. I doth protest too much.

Anyway, onwards! To the outfit!
I last wore this cardi just a couple of weeks ago, here, but it's been a while since I wore the skirt and the shoes (both last seen here together). I've done variations on this colour scheme a few times (as linked to in that link), as the skirt somewhat restricts what I can wear with it. Matchy!

These shoes were comfortable for about half the day. I should have worn a lower heel for the amount of standing and walking I did.
Something flat tomorrow!

The stuff:
Blurry from low blood sugar (me, not the camera).

A close-up:

Cardigan (Plum), cami (InWear), skirt (no label), shoes (Pink Studio), belt (Plum), necklace (Foxy).


  1. You did all that and blogged too?? You are a super woman!! I love this blue on you...gorgeous!!

  2. Such a pretty skirt and I love the the pairing with the reddish coloured shoes. Long days are tough. Tuesdays are my long days, which means lots of coffee is needed to get through Wednesday!

  3. Super-cute skirt. You got style, girlfriend!

    And I like that you blog to unwind. I do that, too. People wonder why we blog when our lives are so busy; I say that that's when we need the relaxation blogging provides. Blogging isn't "work", it's joy.

  4. Such a rich color palette. And you know I'm always in favor of matchy. ;)

  5. You chose some great colors for this outfit, and I like the shoes.

  6. Great skirt! :)
    Like that the yellow shirt shows.

    I agree with Shybiker; I find blogging to be relaxing, too.

  7. I'm with all other commenters: such a beautiful colour palette, gorgeous shapely outfit on you, blog to unwind after a busy day!

    Also, clearly you are some kind of real superhero in addition to being a superhero of fashion and style.

  8. All that and still looking fabulous - and better yet, sharing it with us! Love the skirt, and I love the yellow pop from the cami.

    I agree with Shybiker, I blog to relax or zone out. Sometimes just browsing 2-3 blogs in between house chores or whatever can be a moment of 'rest'.

  9. That is a beautiful skirt!

    And if it makes you feel any better, my arm is currently in the midst of being twisted to join a D&D group

  10. OKAY, it seems like every time I see something you are wearing what I think is your favorite you blow me away again, love it!!!!

  11. How cool that you play D&D! I am not cool enough to play, but I get a little rub off cool since I've watched it played!

  12. Pam, I did, and I am exhausted still! Thank you so much!

    Allison, thank you so much, and thank you for visiting my blog! Yup, lots of coffee always works.

    Ralph, thank you, aw! Blogging is really soothing for me - there's my little group of friends and I get to focus on something I love.

    Sal, thank you, Madame Mayor of Matchytown!

    Rebecca, thank you!

    Sal Kaye, thanks! I like it with yellow too.

    A-Dubs, aw, I love your comments, you always say such nice things. :) I do my best.

    Dimi, thank you, sweetie.

    Thanks, Megan. Yes, exactly - it's a pleasant way to spend a few minutes.

    Cara, thanks! Hey, cool - you might enjoy it! It's a pretty fun game. I've played for about 15 years.

    Lesa, aw, thank you, hon.

    Freeda, thanks!

    Debbie, it's totally fun - I don't know if it's "cool" but I enjoy it. Thank you so much for reading and commenting - I really appreciate it.


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