Sunday, May 8, 2011

Casual Friday and a Too-Short Weekend

Friday's outfit: Pretty standard mix of my usual rocker-type ensembles. My sister-in-law, Angela, and I (yo! Hi, Ange!) went shopping at Winners after work, which was loads of fun (nothing like a little retail therapy).

I didn't dress as wisely as I did last time I did Winners, but it wasn't awful. The t-shirts came off as a unit - they are layered, but it's easier to work with them as one item when taking them on and off. The boots are my short cowboy booties, so easy to slip off for trying on shoes (although my sports socks were a nuisance).

I got some amazing shoes, a skirt and a dress. The shoes are killer.

I was tired Friday morning: Need. Coffee.

Yellow tee (Mexx), plaid tee (TMT), jeans (Seven7, swap from Caro), belt (gift from Ruth), necklace (The Bay).

On Saturday, I went to my WW meeting, then played Ultimate for two-plus hours, went for lunch, then wandered around shopping for the afternoon.

The weather was between spitting rain and just cloudy all day, but I am persevering with my belief that warm weather will arrive sooner or later. This skirt is one of the Winners finds. It was $29.99 - they had them in white and black as well, but this was the only green one I saw. I changed at the field into my Ulty gear, so again, I did easy on/off clothes (and light for my weigh-in too!). I am wearing a sports bra in these pictures (my poor boobs).

This is a better picture of the colour of the skirt:
It is sewn so that it has puckers in all the seams (the seams run in inverted Vs from the t-shirt waist to the hem), and the cotton is very thin and billowy, like a hot air balloon. It felt very romantic and airy when I walked around. I love long skirts!

These are a pair of new shoes that I got several weeks ago. I still have two pairs of sandals that I bought months ago that I haven't been able to wear due to the weather.
These are Indigo by Clarke's, and are super soft. I love the bronzy neutral metallic and the moulded wedge heel. They were around $40 on clearance.

Turquoise tee (Plum), white tee (Upper Playground), skirt (Cute Options), shoes (Indigo by Clarke's), earrings (Plum).


  1. Lovely wedges.

    I like coming to your site, Sheila. Every time, regardless of your outfit, I end up smiling. Your friendly attitude, upbeat demeanor and interesting content provide us readers with a good blog-experience.

  2. Love the rocker tops + necklace, and the skirt too! Long skirts are finding their way onto my want list slowly but surely. They always look so comfy, and you don't have to shave! ;-)

  3. I love how your casual Friday outfits are so all over the spectrum! It makes your casual Friday posts always something to look forward to!

  4. Both outfits are very you. I love the necklace in the first one. Very badass.

    I bet that olive skirt is so much fun to wear. I'd be swishing in it all day long. The Clarks are awesome too. I've heard they're a very comfy brand. My mom is really fond of their slides.

  5. Lovely outfits! My love for long skirts is not a secret!! You look great dear!

  6. Both outfits are wonderful and very *you*. That long skirt is calling me . . . and the green is a great neutral, I think. Happy Monday!

  7. That skirt is awesome -- it looks sort of like parachute material. Those are beautiful sandals, too -- the bronze finish keeps them from being too conservative for your style.

  8. Ooh, I love the skirt. I'm into that shade of green lately!

  9. Aw, Ralph, thank you so much. That's so kind of you.

    Londyn, thanks! I think it's a kid's size.

    Charlotte, thanks! Ha, you are so right - I hate shaving!

    Cara, yup, I hate feeling like I'm in a rut, so I have to shake things up. Thank you!

    Megan, thanks, that's my "teeth" necklace - rar! I totally loved wearing the long skirt - it was so fun. The Clarks are amazingly soft.

    Dimi, thank you!

    Patti, thanks so much. I agree, and I can't wait to wear this skirt again.

    Audi, yes, that's it exactly - ultra-soft parachute. I have had to venture into less adventurous shoes for being able to walk around more. It's a trade-off.

    Wendy, thank you, hon! I love it.


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