Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Revenge of Dress Week! LBD and Hot Pink

Dress week continues! It wreaks its revenge on...scarves!
Um...maybe not. But I wore a dress and a scarf today:
This is my classic Little Black Dress. I have seven black dresses actually, but this is the most classic. I last wore it here, for Grandma W's funeral.

I had a tough time coming up with an outfit for this scarf (yes, it would have been fabulous with yesterday's dress!), so I ended up doing it with black and then bringing in more colour with the hot pink tights. I got a lot of compliments on the tights, including from strange people on the bus. My WW group loved them.

Tonight was also the start of a new WW meeting that I am doing: "Mostly Men," which is why I'm late posting. Men make up about 5% of the usual WW meetings, but they deserve to have a meeting where they can learn, participate and talk when they don't have to listen to women going on about their monthly cycles (yes, women talk about this in meetings), babies and such. I like men (many of my best friends are men!) so here I am, the leader of this meeting.

Sadly, it hasn't had much promotion yet, so no one showed up. Ah well, it will grow!

I wore the scarf draped down my back:
Good mid-sized heels for walking too. My new scale arrived today while I was out - yay!

I layered this with my bright yellow jacket.
I pulled the ends of the scarf to the front then.

The stuff:
I found this scarf for $6.50 at the same thrift shop as yesterday's scarf. Isn't it pretty? I love the colours.

A close-up:
My yellow stone earrings and my bigass junk ring (some lady on the bus was very impressed with it).

The scarf is stamped:
I looked up the company - they have been around for over 100 years - and like Hermes, they make their scarves in France. Cool. I'm sure it's 100% silk.

Coat (Danier Leather), dress (Esprit), tights (Hue), shoes (Guess), scarf (Marc Rozier, thrifted), earrings (Plum), ring (some costume store, about 14 years ago).


  1. With the addition of the yellow jacket, I went crazy over this outfit!

    Interesting concept - an all-men's WW. When I used to "lecture" years ago, there was only one man who weighed in faithfully - didn't stay for the meetings.....Can't say that I blamed him.

  2. Ooh, I love this: the colors, the way you tied your scarf, the shoes, the choice of jacket - everything meshes perfectly!

  3. Love the whole look with the jacket and tights....I haven't tried wearing one of my many scarves down the back, but you have inspired me to do just that. I will let you know if I can pull it off like you!!!

  4. LOVE it! Oh, how I wish I could wear yellow!

  5. I like the black dress with the bright accessories. That's a pretty scarf!

  6. Love the whole outfit. You are inspiring me to get myself some coloured tights and wear more skirts and dresses in winter/spring or are we headed into early fall just now. The winds here on the Island felt very fall like to me! I am a lifetime WW member - back when you had to eat liver once a week and carrots had some restrictions! Who said the good old days were so good? Peg

  7. I hope more men join; you have such a good, healthy program.

    I haven't had occasion to mention this but one of my close friends just got a top executive job at WW headquarters in the financial and marketing area. She likes the people there so far. Jennifer Hudson came and visited their office recently.

  8. I love the idea of the scarf danging down the back. I have a scarf of similar colours and have also had difficulties pairing it!

  9. I wasn't wowed until I saw the jacket - then I was like WHOA! Hahah, I love this with that yellow jacket and hot pink tights paired together.. I think Inigo agrees.

  10. Ha, Rebecca, I can't imagine you going crazy. :) They only have one other all men WW meeting, in Toronto. I always feel bad for the few men in my regular meeting.

    C&B, thank you so much!

    Pam, thanks, hon! I like scarves done this way because they keep me warm and stay out of the way.

    Sal, aw, I bet you could! Thank you!

    Rebecca, thanks!

    Peg, thank you! Coloured tights are awesome (I love Hue's as they make control top). It sure feels like fall, doesn't it? Crazy weather! Ha, my grandma J used to be on WW when they had those 'rules'. :)

    Ralph, I hope so too. We'll see how it goes in the coming weeks. Wow, how cool is that for your friend??

    Patti, thank you!

    Cara, it's fun worn that way. Yeah, sometimes black is what you have to do!

    Megan, you know I like my clashing colours! Ha, Inigo just wants to be fed.

  11. Perfect choice for a jacket! Awesome combo- I love tights- and what a scarf score! Beautiful!

  12. Thanks, Rebecca! I hope the meeting picks up some members soon. I think men deserve their own space at WW.

    C&B, thank you!

    Pam, thanks! I love wearing scarves this way - it feels very devil-may-care.

    Sal, aw, I bet you can! Maybe you just haven't found the right shade.

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Thanks, Peg! It does feel so much like Fall now, doesn't it? All this rain! Ha, my grandmother was a member then.

    Ralph, I hope so too. That is so cool about your friend!

    Rita, thanks!


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