Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leftover Weekend and Back to Work

Ah, the long weekend is over...I did not do much in the way of going out. Mostly we hung out at home with friends.

Until I uploaded my pictures, I had totally forgotten that I did get dressed once!
I walked all over and did some consignment store shopping in this, and also walked to town and met up with friends for drinks.

My polka dot top (last seen here), with a purple cami, my fun cropped jeans from Caro, and my comfy purple sandals (last seen here).

I lounged about outside for a photo:Showing off my "wings"!

Top (Majora, thrifted), cami (InWear), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment).

Tuesdays are a little nutty for me, with my double WW meetings. I am having to do low heels due to the amount of walking and bussing I do. I got this t-shirt in a consignment store - I don't think it's ever been worn. It was $16, which seemed okay to me. I love the colour - it's a really rich goldy-khaki shade.

I haven't worn this skirt in ages (last seen here), but it's one of my favourites. Aren't the colours gorgeous? The cardi is one I've had for ages - I mostly wear it in the summer due to the short sleeves (I was chilly today).

Of course I had to wear my yellow jacket over it. There's a little group of ladies I've seen on the bus a few weeks running - they check out my outfit! I gave one of them one of my blog cards, so if you're reading, hi! Thank you for your smile and kind words on a tired-feeling morning.

The stuff: My little kitten heels again (last seen here), and minimal accessories. I don't like having too much going on for my meetings.

My favourite leaf earrings: The top has some neat swirly cut-out shapes, with the same trim on the capped sleeves.

Cardigan (Vero Moda), top (RW & Co., consignment), skirt (Le Chateau), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), belt (Gap), earrings (Plum).


  1. Wings! You're making me wish I hadn't just worn my winged shirt the other day to work. Too early to wear it again, tomorrow!

  2. That skirt is stunning, the colours and print are perfect.

  3. Lol! That second outfit does have a kiwi/fruitsy feel. That tee was made for that skirt. Matchymatch perfection.

    I love your shopping outfit. It looks so comfy for walking/shopping.

  4. I love them all!! Great colors!! Kisses :)

  5. Do your cropped pants have zippers? Those are great! That skirt is pretty great too. I have one kind of similar to that. I might have to get it out soon.

  6. Your colorful skirt is so zingy! Love the colors you put together and the earrings are adorable.

    I am so impressed with your modes of transport - bus and walking. I need to do more of that!

  7. I love the big bold floral print on that skirt.

  8. Ok now Sheila this skirt needs to go with that Zara top of yours I love.... meaning when you are tired of it, it is mine. I absolutely adore it.. the colors are just fabulous and it fits you beautifully, so I can wait !

  9. Cara, ooh, that sounds so cool. You can wear it again!

    PixieSam, thank you! And thank you so much for reading and commenting - I really appreciate it. :)

    Megan, hee, I thought you'd like it! You know I love me some matchy! Thank you! It was great for wandering about.

    Dimi, thank you, sweetie!

    H, yes, they do (but I don't unzip them). Ooh, get that floral skirt out!

    Patti, thanks! I don't actually have a drivers' licence so walking and bussing are my main modes of transportation.

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Lorena, ha, another one to put your name on?? Well, of course, dear. ;) Thank you so much!

  10. That polka dot is so fab! Love the shape and drape of it. And the sandals, hurray at last it is sandal season!!

  11. Thanks, Kristen! It's totally stretchy. Yay for sandals!


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