Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maxi Parachute Skirt - and Caught!

The weather is finally (finally!) getting warmer, and my spirits are lifting. However, my hemlines are dropping. How much am I in love with bigass flowy skirts?
As much as that! This is the second wear of my parachute skirt (first seen here). I wanted to see if I could make it work for a business casual work setting.

It was very swooshy as I went about my day.
I can't resist a twirl!

Inigo got into the act:
Oh, stretchy kitty!

The outside shot:
I am laughing my head off because I've finally been caught taking my picture outside by a neighbour. Marianna, who's just moved in, is standing up against the wall there. Ha! She didn't want to spoil my shot - how nice.

One more time!
The cardigan is one of my favourites (last seen here), and as usual I pulled out the red in the cranes into my accessories.

The stuff:
I actually planned this outfit around the shoes because my feet were still sore last night.

Check out this enormous flower:
Isn't it amazing? Not bad for $6.

The jewelry:

Cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), cami (Vero Moda), skirt (Cute Options), shoes (Predictions, consignment), belt and bracelet (Plum), earrings (local), ring (Oscar & Libby's).

I can't resist a kitty in the sun:
I like his shadow.


  1. I love this look, especially the color palette and the fun skirt! I got busted taking my pics today too. A construction worker was driving by. He rolled down his window and very politely asked i I needed someone to take my photo. LOL

  2. That skirt is amazingly awesome. It looks like a blast to wear.

    I haven't gotten 'caught' much. Mostly because I take my photos in my backyard for the most part and otherwise try to find hidey spots. Maybe I should get more adventurous!

    Love the kittypics. Kittttyyyy beelllllyyy.

  3. This skirt is just amazing! It's the mother of all skirts I think...! I love the outside photos and your lovely cat!! Kisses :)

  4. That skirt is soooo happy! No wonder you love wearing it. You look great and the flower is the perfect touch. Kitty needs a belly rub . . .

  5. That skirt is beyond fab! Nothing comfier than a long, full maxi.

  6. I love everything about this look...the skirt, the top, the flower on the belt, the are a master!! Some day I will post pictures of my cat, Maddie.

  7. Thanks, Megan, it really is. This is my first time getting caught - it was a little traumatic!

    Dimi, thank you!

    Patti, it is! Thank you, and kitty gets lots of tummy rubs.

    Sal, thank you, I so agree.

    Pam, thank you, hon, that is really sweet of you. I would love to see your kitty.

  8. Oh what a happy outfit! The cardi- the flower, the shoes, and that FAB skirt. Yay! No wonder you're smiling!
    And Inigo has a stretchy partner in the kitty who is my avatar pic. Together they could do a synchronized stretching routine in the Kitty Olympics...(coming this summer to a sunny windowsill near you!)

  9. Oh, and that's a great neighbor- she didn't want to spoil your shot- how sweet! Thank you, Marianna!

  10. Thank you so much, Rita! I love the kitty in your avatar. Hee, I would watch kitty Olympics! Yes, such a nice neighbour!

  11. What an absolutely PERFECT outfit -- I love how the olive color is picked up in the cardigan, and the belt, bracelet and shoes match. The flower is such a great finishing touch, too!

  12. wow! those cranes! something about that big white flower and those pointy red shoes just ties everything together so perfectly and unexpectedly....and it's so fun from the 'idea' angle.....cranes flying around and a parachute skirt. you'll be taking off any minute now :)

    give little puss a big hug from us here! happy long weekend! steph

  13. Thanks so much, Audi! I really like it when it all comes together well.

    Steph, ha, yes, the cranes again!

  14. How cute ! more outdoor pics. That is a nice skirt, i like the color.
    I would DIE, dieee, dieeeeeeeeeeeee if my neighbor saw what I was up to. Shes this really really nice lady however i do not think she would get it...

  15. Thanks, Lorena, I do 'em when I can. :) Ha, I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad.


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