Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Return of the Cruise Shoes

So much for Spring! It rained all day today. *sigh*

Ah well, I felt Spring-y in my bright coral skirt:
I first wore it here. This is also my second wearing of the jacket (first seen here) - I was not as happy with the belted look as I thought I would be. I think this belt is too skinny. I felt like I needed some more heft to it.

The outside shot:
Not my most flattering pose, but I happened to notice that my neighbour across the way was watching me, so I skedaddled quickly.

I'm 4 floors up in a semi-enclosed outside stairwell. This is what I look at when I'm sitting on the steps:
Trees (with a glimpse of a castle in the background), the roof of an apartment building, and there in the sliding door, another neighbour.

Today marked the first wearing in 2011 of the shoes I have always called my cruise shoes:
I haven't worn them since August of last year (here) because they don't look right with tights or in cooler weather. They're strictly spring/summer. Despite that, I've worn them a fair bit over the years, though: here, here, here, here, here and here (all the way back to 2008! that's one of my very first outfits!).

The stuff:
I like the straw/woven texture.

Jacket (Alfred Sung Pure, thrifted), top (Trina Turk, consignment), skirt (Rocket, thrifted), belt and earrings (Plum), shoes (Franco Sarto), cuff (Club Monaco).


  1. LOL re the neighbor. I hate being watched!

  2. Beautiful shoes Sheila, they would be perfect for the Florida climate!

  3. This is a very spring/summery outfit! I love the color of the skirt and the jacket. I think it could have used a thicker maybe woven belt?

    You have a castle local? Do share!

  4. Super outfit Sheila. Love everything about it ... and the shoes. You know I always comment on the shoes - you have the most impecable taste in shoes.

    Have a fabulous day

  5. Lovely war colors! I really like the jacket and shoes! Gorgeous! Kisses :)

  6. Re the neighbor: Just wave, grin and tell them it's going to be on the front cover of Vogue next month.

  7. I love your reverse-peeking at the neighbor! : >

    Great springy outfit with beautiful colors, as always.

  8. Haha -- I also fear being spotted by a neighbor when I take pictures outside. I love that coral color on you; it's very flattering to your skin tone and hair.

  9. Wendy, I do too.

    Lesa, thank you - yes, they're very tropical!

    Megan, thanks. Yes, I agree - I need a woven belt. I might take some pictures of the castle...

    Wendy, thank you, hon. Aw...that's so sweet of you. :)

    Dimi, thank you!

    dcresider, thank you! And thank you for commenting!

    Jude, ha, great idea! Although they might leave an old couch on our lawn again. Thank you for commenting!

    Patti, hee, I couldn't help it - she was looking right at me! Thank you, hon.

    Audi, maybe we need big screens or something, or a sign? "I'm a movie star, stop staring"? :) Thank you!

  10. Sheila this is such a pretty look on you - and made-up suits are my fave! i can see your point about the belt, but at the same time i like the way this skinny one echoes the delicate leather trim on your cruise shoes. i think this belt adds enough waist definition, and is in keeping with the feminine/delicate feel of the rest of the look.

    very very flattering! i 2nd Megan Mae - castle?!?!? have a great weekend, steph

  11. Aw, thank you, Steph! I'll go up to the castle soon, I promise. It's really lovely.


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