Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Practically Respectible

L said I looked practically respectible today (or maybe it was practically responsible, I forget). Not a usual state for me - ha!

Anyway, I'm tired and I haven't made dinner yet, so here we go. New-to-me blazer in the house: It's another Tahari (like yesterday's blouse), only this one says "Arthur S. Levine" (thank you, eBay for explaining the difference!). Apparently this is a pretty high-end blazer - it sure fits nicely, so the quality is definitely there. I picked this up in a thrift shop for $16.00.

I paired it with my old favourite silk floral blouse (last seen here), and my orange tweed skirt (last seen here), but kept the shoes neutral (last seen here).

Lounging about on the stairs: I went bare-legged today. Man, I need some self-tanner!

The stuff:
I doubled this long necklace up.

A close-up:
Like my ring sizing? It's a bandaid (oh, the shame). I'm so lazy.

Jacket (Tahari by Arthur S. Levine, thrifted), blouse (Kaliko, consignment), skirt (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), necklace (Aldo Accessories), ring (Fossil).


  1. Interview? Audit? Why so conservative today?

  2. Woo, looking leggy and fabulous on the steps! I dig those sandals and the fun ruffles on the skirt.

  3. Cute outfit, and I will totally use the bandaide idea tomorrowe on a too large ring I have been wanting to wear.:)

  4. I enjoy that your practical respectible outfit is based around an orange skirt - not your every day colour of tweed!

  5. The blazer has a great modern cut to it. I love your shoes. This is a very "down to business" look. I can see the peeks of Sheila-quirkiness, but it's very toned down for you, I think.

  6. 'Doll, just not a good week, personal-stuff-wise. Things going on. I don't have the energy to do whacky right now.

    Rad, great to see you! Thank you!

    Ponchmor, apparently you can actually buy little plastic things to size rings. A bandaid is a stop-gap only!

    Wendy, you're always so good for my ego, thank you, darlin'.

    Cara, ha, thank you!

    Megan, doesn't it? It has a wee shoulder pad, but not dated, you know? Yeah, I didn't have the energy to go more "out there."

  7. wow so chic! adore the red with nude, it looks gorgeous x

  8. Lazy? Respectable? Responsible? What's going on? Guess sometimes a person just has to "suck it up" and move through "stuff".

    As for the legs - that photo shows them off quite stunningly, I think.

    I'm all about blazers & classy looks like this - so while I'm always curious and entertained by your "normal" wear, I can identify totally with this look.

    (Now if THAT isn't enough to scare you back to your "normal", I don't know what IS!!!!)

  9. Very elegant and respectible! Not a good week... I have to agree! Keep being gorgeous though...!! Kisses :)

  10. This is a classy, professional look!! You look like you run the company!! I love the fit of the blazer and the keep showing up looking like this and the others will look to you for advice!!

  11. Sheila: Love the outfit. I especially like your weekend wear, as I am retired and do not have to 'dress up' for work. Peg on Vancouver Island

  12. Feh, embrace the pale, I say! Makes for great contrast with those fab shoes. ;)

  13. The shoes!! look fantastic on you. The whole look is great, businesslike but not at all stuffy.

  14. You look very respectable, and you chose some very pretty accessories.

  15. yes- a little different for you ... although if I saw this ensemble on someone else I would think of you- the jewelry , color sheme and shoe choices scream your name to me.

  16. Sexy on the stairs !
    You look so serious in this outfit - indeed very respectable.

  17. Lovely! That jacket is sooooo nice. I need to start thrifting nice blazers....

  18. Your shoes are always so amazing! It's been a while since I've commented but I continue to love your looks! Keep it up fashionista :)

  19. Jamie-lee, thank you - it's actually a dark orange tweed.

    Rebecca, yes, that's exactly it. Stuff happens, and sometimes you just have to suck it up. Thanks so much for your comments - I actually love classy looks and have always adored a good blazer. Sometimes it's good to have a calmer period, you know?

    Dimi, hope your week is getting better - the weekend is almost here!

    Pam, thank you! I felt very strong and powerful in it.

    Peg, hey, neighbour! Thank you so much for reading and for commenting! :) I will keep up the weekend wear, never fear.

    Sal, you are so right - I just like to even out the skin tone.

    Thanks, Patti!

    Rebecca, thanks, hon.

    Alecia, you've got to shake it up, right? Change is good. Thanks!

    Ha, thank you, Lorena! You're so sweet.

    Erin, thank you!

    Londyn, thanks!


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