Friday, May 27, 2011

Casual Friday - Denim and Leather...Peace!

Ah, Friday! Why does a short week after a long weekend always seem so much more stressful? It's not fair!

I'm showcasing my 70s vibe today:
I found this amazing leather/suede vest at my local consignment store on the weekend. It was $30 (marked down from $49), it has no label and it weighs a ton. Okay, not a ton - maybe a couple of pounds. I love the fit.

I'm also a sucker for leather and suede these days, as you might have noticed. I can't resist a beautiful (and cheap) piece when it's in a consignment store or thrift shop.

These sandals are the last pair that I got in January:
They're Kenneth Cole Reaction (the same line as these ones), they were brand new, but they were only $20. Score! They were super comfy all day - I even walked home from town after my eyebrow wax and my feet don't hurt at all.

I had a very busy, man.
Time to chill.

Some detail on the vest:
I would put this at late 70s/early 80s. Those sections that have the bands of leather are actually really deep pockets. The ties are sewn on at the sides.

The stuff:
That's my lovely multi-coloured blouse (last seen here) and my leather rose cuff. The sandals rule, though - real cork and real leather. Don't you love that fringe?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Vest (no label, consignment), blouse (Nolita, consignment), jeans (Esprit), sandals (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), rose cuff (consignment).


  1. That suede vest is groovy, man. And the fringe on the shoes is far out. You're really hip!

  2. This is so 70s. I loooove the purple vest. It looks like it was not only tailored to you, but made for your closet. The fringe on the sandals is like the icing rose on the corner piece of cake.

  3. I love those shoes!! Peace... it's Saturday! Lovely 70's outfit! Kisses :)

  4. Love those sandals. It must have killed you to have to wait all winter to wear them!

  5. Very groovy, girl. Love the wedges, they were a steal. xoxo - Patti

  6. Yowie Zimbowie Chica - that's some look! i love those colors on you, and !!!! suede fringe platforms !!!! hot diggety!

    i think i've run out of corny exclamations, so i'll just say 'have a nice day!' steph

  7. Love the vest! I've been loving leather and suede lately too. Which is odd since summer is coming.

  8. That vest is great. The deep purple is beautiful, my favorite color. Those shoes are a perfect addition with the vest.

  9. Thanks, Ralph! I only wish the vest had fringe too! Groovy!

    Megan, it's so cool, isn't it? I have been aching to wear these sandals - at last!

    Dimi, thank you!

    Thanks, Jody - it totally did!

    Patti, thanks, I think so too!

    Steph, ha ha! Thank you! I hope you had a good weekend!

    Kim, thank you - I know, I am just in love with leather right now.

    Style J, thank you!

  10. I am all for the 70's vibe.
    You look fab Sheila - from head to toe :)
    The vest and the shoes are perfect.

  11. Aw, thanks, Lorena! I can't wait to wear those shoes again.


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