Thursday, May 19, 2011


I read with interest Sal's recent post on accessory-free outfits. As I noted in the comments, I'm usually a "more is more" kind of person, but I ended up with this outfit without even really trying that hard.
I probably could have done a bracelet or a ring, but aside from a pair of crystal stud earrings, I am not wearing any accessories (I don't count my wedding band).

This skirt is new-to-me, by the way - I picked it up on the weekend for $12 at a thrift shop. It has no label, but it feels like 100% cotton, and it's lined and nice quality, so I feel like I got a bargain. Plus, check out how good my butt looks:
Meow! Also the nice detailing on the back of the jacket (last seen here).

The outdoors shot:
I love the cut of that skirt.

The wind kept poufing up the hem of the skirt:
My hair is bright red again - I dyed it last night.

Back to the accessories, or lack thereof. I made up for it in colour, texture and details in the pieces of this outfit. Check it out:
The ombre and shine in the shoes (last seen here), the pattern and shine in the silk blouse (last seen here), and the eyelet texture of the skirt, all add up to a lot of visual interest.

Then you add in the multiple factors of the jacket:
The gold trim on the shoulders, the silver and gold buttons, the seaming, the pleats around the collar...and let's not forget the puffed shoulder and the puffed arms with tighter cuffs...AND the crinkly yet shiny and a little bit irridescent sheen of the fabric itself! That jacket is texture overload!

Here's a better look at the skirt:
It's actually made of three different eyelet patterns. Isn't that awesome?

Jacket (can't read the label, Camden Market), blouse (Talbot's, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Qupid).


  1. Love those shoes! And how cool is that skirt with all different eyelits! Killer outfit, Sheila! And I am all in favor of "accessory free"; just earrings!

  2. I love how perfect this outfit goes with those shoes. (And seriously, those shoes!) The collar on that jacket is so cool.

    I'd love to hear how you go about choosing accessories. I usually forgo anything more complicated than a single additional piece. Sometimes I manage to get a bracelet and earrings, but then I feel overdone.

    Oh btw what dye did you use? Since no where locally seems to be carrying my old favorite, I can't find anything that's a bright red. Everything seems too dark, but I really like the shade you've got.

  3. The details on the clothes -- especially the skirt -- serve as accessories!

  4. Such a fun and interesting outfit! I didn't even notice the lack of accessories! I love those shoes and jacket!

  5. I love this great for the season!! But I would be sticking a bracelet and watch on your arms...I am just too addicted to accessories!!

  6. Thanks, Paula - I fell in love with the skirt when I tried it on. I generally like a few pieces of bling.

    Megan, thanks! I love these shoes and they only see the light of day in summer (bare-legged weather). Thank you for the suggestion - I might do an accessory "how to" some time. I use Feria #74 - it starts out this colour and fades out to a blonde-red.

    Wendy, thanks - I agree!

    Dimi, thanks, hon!

    Pam, thanks, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. Yeah, I found myself hankering for a bracelet later on (I don't wear a watch).

  7. What a great take on accessory-free!

  8. Great point about the details of the jacket making accessories unnecessary. I am leaning toward a less-is-more philosophy in my outfits lately, and it's great to see you trying it too now and again.

  9. That skirt and jacket are great! You did get a great bargain for $12. Oh yeah, your shoes are cool too. Ok, the whole thing rocks.

  10. Thanks, Sal! You're a great inspiration!

    Kristen, thank you. I still like all my bling, but it's nice to know I can do it.

    Style Journey, thank you! And thanks very much for commenting.

  11. "more is more" - i love it! i like to tell people i'm a 'maximalist', ha!

    a 'tough and tender' look done to perfection. great skirt - love it when the cut, fit, and fabric are all top notch. and Wendy B. hits the nail on the head - all that detail takes the place of accessories. yay! take care, steph

  12. Ha, yes, Steph, I'm totally a maximalist as well.

  13. Well nice legs there Sheila !
    I am going to read Sal's post ( i am so behind inreading blogs..) however it sounds like an interesting experiment. However subtle I too like to add accessories before walking out the door.
    Some items i REALLY need, like if I go out without rings, I feel naked.

  14. Ha, thank you, Lorena! I am totally behind as well...arg...I agree on the rings - I am having one of mine repaired and I feel naked without it.

  15. your butt looks really great. wonderful skirt, great shoes.

    and of course, you have the legs of a goddess...


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