Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Legs Ahoy!

It almost feels weird doing a non-themed outfit after what feels like several theme weeks in the last couple of months. Let's see...there was Super Stripes Week, the Fluevog a Day, and just last week, Revenge of Dress Week!

It's enough to drive a gal to wearing a burlap sack: While not actually a burlap sack, that is what this skirt reminds me of! I first wore this $1.75 (yes, you read that right) skirt here.

These tights are new - I picked them up in a sale bin a couple of weekends ago. My last pair of red tights blew, so I'd been looking for another.

The outside shot: This is my much-loved blouse (last seen here) - well, I've only worn it three times, but I really love it. The colours are so awesome, as is the pattern. I'm wearing my good ol' black sweater vest over it.

The stuff: I've had these shoes for a few years now - they keep surviving my biannual closet purges! Last seen here.

I love this funky belt: The earrings match perfectly! And see what I mean about the texture of the skirt? If burlap was made of raw silk, this would be it.

Vest (Esprit), blouse (Marcona, thrifted), skirt (Signature by Saks Fifth Avenue, thrifted), belt (gift from Mom), shoes (Unlisted), earrings (Plum).


  1. Aww I hear you on the challenges. You've really been theme week'd out lately. Love the new red tights, they seem sort of darker red than brightbright. They help bring out the red of the retro print blouse.

    Sheila, only you could make a "burlap sack" so fashionable. XD Haha!

  2. WOW! I never thought red tights can look so good!! Have a lovely new week! :)

  3. That texture IS burlap-like! Seeing your earrings makes me remember a pair I have (SOMEwhere)! I really must go find them.

    And OH! Those shoes! I'll pretend to wear them today. I could never actually do that in real life anymore :)

  4. I love this blouse too...I would wear it alot...I also want to go hit the sale bins looking for red tights!!

  5. Those shoes are sooooo wonderful - don't purge them! Or at least email me first! : >

    I referenced you in my latest post - hope you don't mind. Your sweater-over-halter dress inspired me. -Patti

  6. Love the red tights you vixen you. You probably would have rated at my po. but I am crazy over that shirt!

  7. Megan, I forgot about leopard week too! Yes, the tights are actually more wooly than nylon-y. Ha, thanks!

    Wendy, yeah!

    Dimi, I love red legs - so fun!

    Rebecca, isn't it cool? But it's a really soft silk. The shoes are actually really comfortable - they only look torturous.

    Pam, I love the blouse - I am so glad it fit when I found it. Go for red tights!

    Patti, ha, okay, I won't! I don't mind at all - thank you so much!

    Thanks, Rebecca! I agree.

    Paula, thank you! Ha, I would love to show up at your post office.


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