Thursday, May 26, 2011

Russian Around

Ha, awful pun, I know.

I feel bad for not commenting on blogs the last couple of days, but Blogger was doing something weird and not letting me log in. I got frustrated and gave up. Anyway, I will get caught up soon!

Today was very rushed - I had to leave work early to get downtown to catch a bus to my hair appointment, then I spent too long in Dots (but wait till you see what I got - it involves polka dots) and missed the freakin' bus! So I had to race home and beg L to drive me. Then after, I had to cab home because my WW boss was calling me to do the download on my meeting evaluation (it went well, thanks for asking).

Today's outfit:
The top is new to me, the red and black plaid shirt with the big ruffle down the front. It's Gap and was $22 on consignment, but I liked it and it fit well. I'm a sucker for a bold pattern!

The skirt was last worn here, and the vintage velvet vest last seen here (and I've worn those velvet pieces together here!). I wore the vest open because I forgot how low on the hips the skirt sits. I didn't mind the sort of lack of shape - I do prefer to have either my top or bottom fitted, though.

The outdoor shot: Legs McGee there. I liked the pale grey with all the red and black for contrast.

The stuff:
These boots remind me of Russian folk costumes. I last wore them here.

The sparkly stuff:
I've gotten so much wear out of this necklace - I love it.

Vest (Surrey Classics, consignment), blouse (Gap, consignment), skirt (Club Monaco), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace & earrings (Jacob).


  1. I love it that you can experiment every single time and rock all outfits! I'm giving you an award! Stop by my blog please and participate if you want!! Kisses dear!

  2. Love the skirt and the boots: they're both very special.

    Please don't take this the wrong way but I laughed when I first saw the entire outfit because it reminded me of Monty Python's skit with lumberjacks: men in red/black plaid shirts (your top-half) who start singing about wearing women's clothing (your bottom-half). Your outfit embodies the joke.

  3. I think this is one of my favorite looks! Those boots are too gorgeous and I love the mix of slightly masculine shirt and very feminine skirt. Happy Friday! -Patti

  4. Sheila, this just rocks! I know what you mean about tight on top or bottom, but I think - at least from photos this works so well. If the skirt were longer it might not, but I think it's perfectly balanced. And the MM boots always make me swoon.

  5. Thanks so much, Dimi! Aw, I will be right over. :)

    Ralph, thank you! Ha, I'm totally not offended - I was singing, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay," all morning!

    Patti, aw, thank you so much! I enjoyed it.

    Megan, thank you, m'dear! I liked the odd vibe of it.

  6. "I feel bad for not commenting on blogs the last couple of days, but Blogger was doing something weird and not letting me log in."

    a-HA! i just saw your comment on my blog - the same symptom was my first sign of infection by the Windows Vista Restore malware! i am very glad your puter is feeling better now. (and as i suspected, you are smarter than me - you fixed it yourself! :)

    love the velvet - it's amazing how the black and grey 'read' so differently in texture. i like the fit as well, it really puts the focus on your fantastic legs! really really nice look!

    & Shybiker makes a great comment - i admit the word 'lumberjack' popped up in my noggin as well! the curse of the Python....have a great Saturday! steph

  7. Oh, the Blogger thing was a known issue with them - it wasn't to do with your computer (although I'm glad you got rid of that virus).

    Thank you, Steph! Ha, glad to remind a few people of that hilarious skit!


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