Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revenge of Dress Week! Grey Leather and Dots

One of the reasons why I like doing the "last seen here" links within my posts, is that it reminds me of how long it's been since I wore some of my clothes.
For this Dress Week, I wanted to get a wear out of this awesome leather dress before (if??) the weather gets warmer:
I last wore it here, back in August 2010. I don't remember it being this heavy in my pack, but I made a mental note never to wear it for my WW weigh-ins!

The outside shot:
Today was very rainy, so even my outside picture looks gloomy. It does show the colour of the greys well, though - they are all very warm grey tone. I have trouble wearing grey - it washes me right out.

The stuff:
The pop of colour is my wonderful blue dotty scarf that the gorgeous and generous Megan sent me when she sent this amazing skirt. Thank you, Megan!

I tied it in a single knot style, like a man's tie - my dad taught me how when I was a teenager and I used to steal his ties to wear to school.

The shoes don't get worn enough (last seen here and also worn here, here, here and here). Huh, I guess I just haven't worn them much lately.

A close-up:
Another pair of L's cufflinks - I had to rummage through his closet and remove these from one of his shirts.

Shirt (Banana Republic, thrifted), dress (Danier, consignment), shoes (Camper), cufflinks (70s? vintage), ring (trip to Scotland), earrings (Plum).


  1. Ha ha! That's one way to figure out how heavy clothes are - carry them on your back!

  2. Wowsa! That's a hot piece. And the dress is nice too ;-)

  3. Love that leather dress. I love how you knotted the scarf. It makes the dress take on a suit-like quality. The blue accents are also a great touch.

    I have the same problem with light and warm greys. I think the best way of dealing with it is like you did - with a big of color around the face.

    Glad you enjoyed the scarf!

  4. Lovely outfit! (very Mary Poppins!! In a more stylish way!). And the grey dress appears to have a beige undertone, which I guess works better with your skin! You look terrific! :)

  5. Leather dress? YES PLEASE!!! You look fab, Sheila, and that blue scarf ensures that you don't look washed out by the grey. I am on a mission to find a leather dress now - thanks for the inspiration!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Love the pop of are so good with accessorizing!!

  7. The blue scarf is a perfect pop of color here! I don't think I've ever seen a leather dress before, but I imagine it would be pretty warm and heavy.

  8. The blue accessories look great with the leather.

  9. You look great in this grey, Sheila. I enjoy a "man's" knot in my scarf too, I think it looks polished. Dress week is over I guess, what's next . . . .?

  10. Sheila I love how you tied that scarf around the collar. You look fantastic!

  11. Your comment about the weight of the leather dress reminded me of my school days of competitive wrestling. We wrestled in weight-divisions and always tried to get down to the lowest one. During weigh-ins, we'd strip as close to naked as they'd allow us and realized all clothes have some weight. It got obsessive and we'd even cut our hair and, um..., empty our bodies to shed weight. I hope your WW weigh-ins aren't that obsessive.

  12. Thanks, Patti! No, I continued on - I always do a full week. :)

    Thanks, Anonymous.

    Ralph, no we're not that obsessive, although you do see people who will only wear the same thing to weigh in. I'm just mindful that a dress or pair of jeans can weigh up to to 2 lbs.


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