Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revenge of Dress Week! Architectural (Friday Outfit)

I was looking forward to this dress outfit not just because of Dress Week...
...but because of the shoes!
I bought these last week at my Winners shop with Angela - I spotted them on a top shelf and my heart went pitter-pat. I may have even gasped. I pulled them down. "Look at these monsters," I said to Ange. I put them back. I picked them back up. I put them on. They were actually walkable. I put them in the cart.

They are by Bebe, they are actually wooden, and they were $69.99. L hates them...and I admit they are not to everyone's taste (and they remind me a bit of hooves!).

But I love them. I love that they have that crazy 2-inch platform that's cut so bluntly. I love the chunkiness of them. I love that I am 5'10" in them.

Of course, I built the outfit around them:
This is my "lettuce" dress (last seen here, and also here during the last Dress Week, and here), worn with my black drapey cardi (last seen here), and my Dad's satin scarf from the 60s (picture here). I am also wearing textured gold/black tights because it was an awful lot of leg to be exposing, and even though I love the pale it was too much for work.

It was a difficult week, so I celebrated the end of it with a single malt scotch:

The stuff:
Those mules have such an architectural vibe to them. One of my coworkers said they reminded her of those Japanese Geta shoes. The front wedge of the platform especially reminds me of Okobo.

These were not very stable with my tighted feet on the slippery wood inside, so I stuck a pair of Dr. Scholl's inserts (black ones) inside. Worked like a charm - I didn't throw a shoe once. I did carry these to and from work for practicality's sake - I only wore them inside the office.

The necklace:
My groovy Viking pendant that L got me years ago. I also wore bigass gold hoop earrings.

Cardigan (Kensie), dress (Taylor, consignment), shoes (Bebe), necklace (gift from L), scarf (60s, Dad's).


  1. I kind of love them in a 'so-ridiculous-they're-awesome' kind of way. It may be the fashion blogger in me or the extremist in me - but they're awesome. I love the mix of green and black.

  2. Those shoes are ridiculously cool and funky chunky. But I am crazy in love with that gold pendant! Me want!

  3. You're fab darling! Love the shoes!! :)

  4. Shoes? What shoes? Look at the SCARF!!! What a fantastic look! Please wear that again in your hair and create a pirat-y outfit around it! Oh please! (And if you ever plan doing a PIRATE WEEK - count me in!)

    Ok, I've calmed down. I not only like that scarf-hairstyle, I also like the dress/cardigan combination.
    The shoes scare me a little. They scream "broken ankle" to me. Ouch!

  5. Megan, thanks, I kind of feel the same. They're just too TOO, you know?

    Kristen, I thought you would like them! I've had the pendant for many years.

    Dimi, thanks, hon!

    Sal, ha, really? I will wear a scarf this way again (it's totally easy with short hair), but I don't think I can dress like a pirate for work till at least Hallowe'en! :) Thanks so much, and I hear ya on the shoes. I sit near one of our first aid attendants at work, lol.

  6. Well, I just might try to find a work-appropriate AND pirate-y outfit some time... Maybe in fall, as soon as I return to wearing boots. ;)

  7. Sal Kaye, I hear ya! I am already looking forward to my over-the-knee boots again! Yar!

  8. I love the shoes! They're sort of crazy, but I think it gives them a very 'now' look that will be fun to look back at years from now -- I personally love to look back at old pictures of myself and marvel at the kooky stuff I used to wear back in the day. It's great to dress classically, but I also don't shy away from being a product of the time I live in, and I suspect you're the same, Sheila.

  9. Thanks, Audi, that's what I thought as well. I love having that perspective. Yes, that's exactly like me - I love playing with looks and being inspired by the new as well as the old.


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