Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double Plaid

Gah, the weather is driving me nuts! I got hit by rain this morning, and now it's blaringly sunny (not that I am complaining!).

I preplanned all my outfits around my shoes this week, as I mentioned...and I am steadily getting more comfortable as I go! I've had these shoes for over 5 years (a long time for me!) and they are like wearing slippers practically.

I wanted to wear this dress again, too (last seen here): I know, boring to wear with so much black, but for me, red plaid doesn't allow for a huge amount of variety.

This wrap sweater/tee (last seen here) is great for layering at this time of year. Plus, it has awesomely large puffy sleeves. Very Anne Shirley.

Check out the drastic difference from glare-y bright facing east (above) and sheltered facing south:
Such great light. I'm starting to enjoy my little "Sheila's Lounge" area out here. It's going to be fab in the summer.

The stuff:
Double plaid with the belt! I felt so clever.

A close-up:
The amazing necklace that Tina sent me a couple of months back.

Dress (Plum), wrap top (Noa Noa), shoes (label's rubbed off), necklace (gift from Tina).


  1. That's sneaky with the belt! I didn't notice it at first!

  2. FABULOUS outfit - I have been known to do a triple plaid and even, on one memorable occasion, quadruple plaid.

    That necklace is so amazing - I would like to see it up higher, as a choker... is that possible?

    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

    Sarah xxx

  3. pre planning is such a good idea.. I really need to do that more!

  4. The sleeves and neckline of the top is flattering!

  5. I did not realized that the skirt was a dress .... i think you nailed it by pairing it with that belt.
    I think you should try more outdoor pictures :)

  6. That's a fabulously punky outfit. I love the necklace. I think you're lounge pictures have a better capture of color/detail.

    (Sorry for any belated comments, being away from the internet = no blog reading! Nuuuu)

  7. Love the Sheila pose now and love the outfit. I saw a great combo with a plaid--a white sort of boho lace top. Really cute!

  8. Okay, I really love the houndstooth belt with the plaid skirt. Very clever -- and going blackgrey with everything else allowed those two pieces to shine. The necklace adds a nice punk edge to everything too.

  9. How can you be so inspired all the time?? You amaze me!! Keep it up! Sometimes black and red are just fabulous - you look very elegant! kisses xxx

  10. Sheila, Love the new pose. Question: How do you do black without wearing half your cat?

  11. Cara, I'm totally sneaky that way.

    Wendy, agreed, me too!

    Sarah, thanks, hon, and I have no doubt you looked fabulous! I might be able to knot the necklace, but it's done up as high as it will go right now.

    Jamie-Lee, thanks! And thank you for commenting and reading!

    Thanks, Pam!

    Lorena, aren't I clever? I know...I will do them when I can.

    Megan, thanks! Yes, the colour is better on them, but they're darned inconvenient. No worries - I haven't been able to comment on blogs for gets in the way!

    Paula, thank you, hon! Love that idea!

    Kristen, thank you!

    Dimi, oh gawd, I'm totally not! Thank you!

    Thanks, Lesa! I try not to pick him up after I'm dressed!


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