Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Hallowe'en Figures - Pumpkin Head and Jack's Lament

Two of my figures that I did in the last year were Hallowe'en themed. This one is Pumpkin Head. He will go in the graveyard of our Christmas village this year. Yes, we have a graveyard in our Christmas village, doesn't everyone?
This is one of the first figures I did with the floor polish method of mixing it in with the paints to allow more controlled detail work. A shot of the back:
And this one reminded me of Jack Skellington in the "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (one of my favourite movies of all time), so I painted the guy to match Jack's pinstripe suit. Very tricky to get that right. Front and side views:Jack will also go in the Christmas graveyard (it also has werewolves and vampires, and this year will have a church with nuns!).

That's a skull he's looking at - having a little "Alas, poor Yorrick" moment.


  1. Nice work on the pinstripes. I've done them a few times and know how brutal they can be. And those look thin. You must have gone cross-eyed.

    I have the other fig. Half painted. Poorly prepped. He will never know resolution. Kind of sad really. Maybe I'll strip him down with oven cleaner one day and start over. Probably not. *sigh*

  2. Ha! You know the oven cleaner method. Too funny. I didn't know you painted these.

    Thanks re: the pinstripes - I love doing really fine details like that.


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