Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Preppy Plaid

Denim month is over - for me, at least. I'm sick of wearing denim and being casual every day. I have too many nice clothes - I want to wear them!

White shirt (Plum), black sweater vest (Esprit), plaid skirt (Jacob, consignment), baby blue suede belt (gift from Ruth), blue peep-toe wedge shoes (Seychelles, Winners), white glass and silver chain necklace and white stone and silver earrings (Plum).Killer outfit - I was really pleased with this. The photo does not do it justice. Anyway, yes, I quit - I gave up on the stupid Denim Month after 2 weeks. I am pathetic.

On to the clothes: I hate white shirts. They always require ironing and yet, they always look rumpled. But you have to have one in your wardrobe. All of my clothes have to be folded up, packed to work in my backpack (because I walk 35 minutes to work every day, except Friday, which is "no exercise day"). I change in the bathroom at work, and then at the end of the day, they get folded back up in my backpack and I carry them home again, at which point I change back into my work outfit for my picture. This is why I look vaguely pissed off in most of my pictures.

Anyway, I buy a white shirt every couple of years, wear it until the pits turn yellow, then buy a new one. I stretch out the life by wearing it under things like sweater vests.

I actually wanted to wear this skirt - a great consignment find at $18 (love the pockets!). It has a thin blue strip that matches the belt. And the jewelry just picks out the white and the grey and it goes and well, I just felt great.

Love the shoes. Here's the obligatory close up:One of my favourite pairs - I love the peep toe (although I had to do an emergency 60 second nail polish pedi this morning in my office so that my bare toenails wouldn't show). Love the heel - it's a wedge, but it's actually super thin, so that from the back it looks like I'm wearing a stiletto. I got these at the same time as the two-tone brown peep-toe, at Winners last fall. I think both pairs together were around $40 - a total steal. I get so much wear out of these.


  1. you're right -- this is a *killer* outfit. what a nice friend you have to give you the perfect belt to finish it off!

  2. I love to hear about your clothes routine for work - it made me smile to hear that's why you look a tad fed up x
    Anna's Island Style


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