Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aqua and Grey

Okay, first I have to brag a bit. I was in a 10K race this weekend and I won a medal! I came in 3rd for my age in the Competetive Walk category, and 5th overall in Competetive Walk. My time was 1:07 (I beat a ton of runners). Not too shabby! I may just make it to the World Masters after all (I need some racewalk training, though - it would suck to go all the way to Australia just to get eliminated).

On to today's outfit. Aqua silk & cotton cardigan (I.N.C., The Bay), black cotton short-sleeved sweater (Jacob), grey with pale blue pinstripe wide-leg pants (consignment), black ankle boots, black double-buckle leather belt (Jacob), crystal earrings (Melanie Lynne), multi-crystal necklace (Plum).
I really like the I.N.C. line - the quality is top-notch and the styles are very fashionable without being overly trendy. I like the bell sleeve on this sweater and the colour is lovely (it's more aqua than it looks in this photo). I don't buy a ton of this brand because they tend to use a lot of silk and I hate paying for drycleaning. These pants were a good find - around $20 at my favourite consignment shop - the pinstripe is very faint, so I can wear a lot of colours with them. It's funny, though: one pant leg has been hemmed slightly shorter than the other.

The black sweater has reached the end of its life with me - it's a bit big and is faded, and it didn't wash well (the seams got puckery), so I can only wear it under stuff. This blog is a good way to weed out stuff in my wardrobe.

I adore this belt - I'm silly about anything with laces, buckles or complicated closures. And who doesn't love a big belt? Not me! I have an even bigger belt that I wear sometimes. It reminds me of the 80s.

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