Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Backlog of Figures

I took some pictures of some of the more recent figs I've done - there's a bit of a backlog of photos, so this is pretty much one giant post full of pictures. Whoo hoo!

First up: Barbarian Fighter. He's supposed to look like he's a Northern fellow.
This guy's pretty recent. I like how his cloak turned out (it's supposed to be some sort of arctic wolf fur), and his shield looks cool (I handpaint all my designs - no decals!). Hmmm...flash is too bright.
Bartender: This is one of the village people; meaning, he will go in the Christmas village, at the Inn with all the other Inn staff and their customers. Our Christmas village is pretty cool. My bartender is one of the early floor polish figures - you can see how I was just getting the hang of the thin layers of paint on his apron and clothes.
He's got a bit of a weird eye thing going on - perhaps keeping an eye on a customer who might not pay for that ale? I wouldn't want to anger this barkeep.
These next two I am proud of: both are recent, within the last year.

Samurai Chick: I handpainted her flag. I really like her colour combination of blue and red. Her hair and face turned out really well.
I like her socks.

Purple Wizard with Dragon: This is one of my favourite pieces. Everything just came together perfectly on him. There isn't anything I would change. I love the way the purple and black on his cape fade together.

The gold looks really good on this guy - that's a Testors gold paint. Testors isn't great for painting in colour on figs (it's not an acrylic base, so you can't mix the colours or thin them), but their metallics are superior, especially gold and silver. Nice and shiny, they really look like metal.

That's it for now - gotta go for a walk!

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