Friday, April 25, 2008

Casual Friday - White Denim and Chunky Boots

See? Now I can look forward to Casual Friday, after wearing my dressy clothes all week.

Embroidered striped shirt (Dex, Plum), rust tank (Inwear), white denim skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), black chunky boots, wood disc earrings, vintage 60s/70s choker (Mom's jewelry box in the 80s), metal and red stone belt (gift from Mom, from London, England). This is the last go for this shirt, I have decided. I love it...but it is simply too big on me now. The shoulders don't fit right and it gapes at the front, and the sleeves are too long. Too bad - I really love the cut and style of it. The embroidered flowers continue up over the shoulder to the upper back.

I like the look of this outfit (this is a repeat outfit from a year ago - it's my "after" outfit from the before and after shots when I was promoting my Weight Watchers at Work group) - the mix of the chunky boots with the denim skirt and the tailored shirt, plus the funky accessories. It all works for me. A close-up of the choker. It's on a leather thong - I think some of the beads are glass. I've always liked this - it's gotten wear from the 80s (high school) to now. I wear it at least every couple of months. Thanks, Mom!

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