Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pinstripe Suit with Orange & Red

Navy blue pinstripe suit (Esprit), orange t-shirt (Inwear, Dots), red ribbed tank (Plum), red slingbacks (Nine West, Shoe Warehouse), white gold hoop earrings. Hmmm...can't see the pinstripes too well, but they're there. This is the suit I got when I was shopping with Ruth a couple of weeks ago - I'm glad she talked me into it, because it looks great on (I caught a glimpse of myself in a hall mirror and thought, "Wow, I look tall and skinny!"). A nice feeling.

The downside: the suit is loud! It's primarily cotton (it has a touch of polyester & lycra to keep it from wrinkling, which is awesome since I'm sitting for most of the day and I hate a butt full of wrinkles), so it rubs against itself really loudly. It's also a cat hair magnet. I need one of those rolly lint picker-upper things (hint to Mom: good stocking stuffer).

I love navy with red, but didn't want to look too nautical, so punched up the suit with the orange t-shirt (same shopping trip with Ruth). Navy and orange go fantastic together. Great shoes - my first purchase at Shoe Warehouse when it opened a couple of years ago. A close-up:

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