Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lots of Colour!

I'm just so anxious for spring - it seems to be taking forever - that I couldn't resist some really vivid colour today.

Grey cotton jacket (RW & Co.), coral cotton sweater (Esprit), satin poufy skirt with abstract flowers (Mexx, Dots), turquoise suede pumps with flower (Le Chateau), black leather belt (Plum), copper and enamel clip-on earrings ("Matisse" by Renoir, Grandma J's).

Mucking about with the timer for this picture. Man, it's weird taking all these pictures of myself. I realize how much I look like my mom (a good thing!).

This is the skirt I got when I went shopping with Ruth - it's so pretty and light. Love the pockets (they're nice and deep too), and it has so many colours in it! I had this outfit on with a green t-shirt and it looked nice, but the weather is still chilly so I went with the sweater. This is the 2nd sweater of this sweater I have had - yes, again, this and the striped skirt - only this time I spilled red wine down the front of the first one. I thought I got most of the stain out before it hit the washer and dryer, but missed some (in my defense, I had drunk a lot of said wine). Great colour sweater for me. Love the shoes.

My feet are all veiny from walking home, ha! The shape of these shoes is very '30s/'40s - they make me think of Mae West (one of my idols). And real suede! From Le Chateau! I call these my Tammy shoes, because Tammy at work had them in black.

The earrings are part of my Grandma J. collection. She gave me a lot of gorgeous costume jewelry pieces from the 50s when I was in my 20s, then I got to pick what I wanted after she died. I remember her wearing these - and she wore them a lot - they have wear patterns on the copper from rubbing her skin. She had curly red (dyed, like me) hair and these totally suited her colouring.

I love wearing her pieces - I think of her everytime I wear them.


  1. Found your blog and going through it in one shot- I really love this outfit! It's wonderful.

  2. OMG I have bin looking everwhere for these shoes :( I bought a pair when i was in grade 9 in Black and they just recently broke....would you be interested in selling them?

  3. my email is please email me if you are willing to sell them or if you know where i can purchase them again it would mean so much thanks


  4. Kayla, no, I'm not interested in selling them (I have size 9 feet, fyi). Try Ebay. The brand is Le Chateau (a Canadian chain) - they also came in black (non suede) and lime green (suede). They were around about 5 years ago.


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