Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grey and Green

Green sweater (Plum), grey pinstripe cropped vest (Kensie Girl), black & white tweed cropped pants (Club Monaco, consignment), black and white Oxford shoes (Fluevog), chain necklace with charms (Nine West, The Bay), rhinestone earrings (don't recall).
This is one of those outfits that looked better in person - I took a zillion pictures and none of the poses looked right. Oh well.

I felt like playing with lengths and layers today. I love these pants - they are wool, lined and just a dream to wear, but they are more of a cool weather pant than a summer pant. And a great bargain at around $30 in the consignment shop. I like the colour and fit of this sweater - the sleeves have a nice fullness to them that makes this a bit more special. The necklace was Cindy's, from the infamous shopping trip - I talked her into buying it, but it wasn't really her style, so she gave it to me - thanks!

Of course, this is really all about the shoes. These are my favourite Fluevogs:
They are called "Harlow" (I love that Fluevog names their shoes). The white is crackled leather and they are supremely comfortable, although still quite a high heel. They have a great old-fashioned look.

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  1. Great vintage looking Fluevogs. You've introduced me to this brand and I'm saving up for a pair. Am keeping an eye out for them on eBay over here with not much success as yet x


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