Monday, April 14, 2008

Green Cleric - Completed

I started this guy a couple of weeks ago. Here he is with just the white primer and the base skin tone and green tabard & shield. The primer gives the paint something to stick to - if you just paint on the metal, the paint will wear off. This is my least favourite stage. I hate blocking all the colours in - it takes a long time, it's finicky (although easy to fix up later), and I usually don't have a clear idea of what I want the figure to look like.

Here he is with some black, leather and dark steel based in. I start with the "base colour" then gradually lighten, either by brushing or by building up colour with the floor polish method (applying thin layers of successively lighter paint). I usually don't do a darker shade than the base colour - it muddies the look of it to overly wash. I find you don't need to do too much to give a colour depth other than "lift" the colour.
I'm using an alligator clip at this stage to hang onto him. If you use your fingers, you'll wear the paint off from handling the figure. Ha, there's my sample fleur-de-lis on the cardboard - I was showing L how to paint one. He's got some musketeers coming up next.

And here is the green cleric all done! I painted for about 6 hours yesterday - I just wanted to finish him.
I gave him a kilt, and I'm quite happy with his very blonde hair (usually blonde ends up looking too yellow) - it started out as some leftover wash from the pages of his book. Back view:
The shield was glued on last because I had to paint all the stuff under it (his arm, the leather straps and a couple of pouches). The final touch: matte finish spray to protect him and he's ready for battle.


  1. Very nice. Is that a plaid on his kilt? Impressive. I especially like the incidentals (red book, straps, etc). That's what makes a great fig - when the little bits are just so. I also like that you don't use too light of a base colour and then lighten it to almost white - it makes everything look like it's porcelain or like the figs have frostbite. They're not supposed to be hummels.

    Do you use any inks? I try to avoid them for the most part, but for certain effects they're the best thing.

    Deep shadows and knowing when to stop highlighting - very nice. Great job on the hair. I don't think I've ever got that right.

  2. Yes, that's a plaid. It had incised lines in a grid pattern - L has the same fig (he bought it by accident) and painted it like armour, but I thought a kilt was more appropriate.

    I don't like the super-white highlighting either - it looks too fake to me.

    No, I don't use inks - I do a thin black wash of water plus some of the floor polish and blackline all the borders between features. I find it really makes the clothing pop.

    Thanks! It's probably my best blonde hair.


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