Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brown and Denim

Denim shirt dress (Ricki's), Brown jacket (Kenzie, from Dots), Two-tone brown shoes (Insight, from Winners), brown belt with gold buckle (Plum), gold filigree hoop earrings (The Bay), gold cuff (Oscar & Libby's).

I got this dress last year while visiting L's folks. Wonder of wonders, their small town actually had a Ricki's in the mall, and I found this on the clearance rack (I think it was around $20). It has little puffed sleeves, and I usually wear it with red, but I wanted to wear brown today.

I have the matching skirt to this jacket - they were both around $29.99 at Dots.

I love these shoes - a Winners bargain at around $16. They are called "Pumpkin Pie". The wedge heel is sort of sculpted, so they have kind of a bizarre profile (the footprint I leave is rather odd). I also like the peep toe and the Oxford detailing.

A close up.
My hair looks horrid today - I walked from work to the grocery store and got caught in the rain and forgot to fix myself up when I got home.

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