Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glamour - Blue Satin & Pencil Skirt

Black suit jacket (Max Studio, Winners), blue satin blouse (Do & Be, Bliss), black cami with sequins (Esprit), grey high-waisted pencil skirt (Le Chateau), black leather belt (Plum), black leather pumps with rosette & ankle strap (Aerosoles), black wooden double ring earrings & black wood ring & capiz shell necklace (Caracol, Plum).
Ugh, that is not a great shot of me - where is my waist? I was playing around with the timer before L got home from work to see if I could do my own pictures. I took a couple in the library that aren't too bad, so I might try that tomorrow night, since I have a party to go to right after work and L won't be home till later on.

Anyway, the clothes. This is the blue version of the yellow satin blouse I wore last month. Gorgeous colour. I do love a pencil skirt - this one was only $19.99 on the clearance rack at Le Chateau. I find they are usually too pricey (considering that they carry very trendy, rather cheaply made clothing), but when I find a piece that's on sale that I like, I snap it up.

A better picture: Such a pretty blouse. I love these shoes (Cat has the same pair, so we have to coordinate our shoes if we're at the same party) - there's nothing like an ankle strap! They are super comfy since they are Aerosoles - I have a few pairs - even after a day in them, my feet feel fine.
I was trying on stuff in my closet, picking out tomorrow's outfit, and L called me vain. Humph! Tomorrow's outfit has my new multi-coloured skirt - I had to try stuff on with it to see what it goes with! I don't want to look silly when I arrive at work and discover what I thought would look good actually looks disastrous (I've had a couple of those days - always plan what you're going to wear ahead of time, especially if you don't put your clothes on until after you're at work). I am also the General Evaluator at Toastmasters tomorrow and I want to look nice when I'm up there yakking away.

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  1. You look great but I think a smaller size in the skirt would look better on you.


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