Monday, April 21, 2008

Brown and Stripes

Brown cable sweater (consignment), striped skirt (RW & Co.), "wood" and gold ring necklace & leather belt (Nepean), brown leather boots (Roberto Vianni), gold hoop earrings.
Ack, my hair looks like ass here, but I don't have time to take another picture. I have a painting class on Monday nights, but I don't get home from work until 5:45 & I have to eat and walk to my class by 7:00. Not a lot of time to fuss with my hair - arg, no lipgloss either.

Good functional sweater, goes with lots, nothing special about it. This skirt is actually the second skirt of this skirt. Huh? I bought it in a size 10 or 12 a year & a half ago when I did a "midway" shop, after I'd lost 20 pounds. When I shrunk out of it, I passed it on to Cat (who also shrunk out of it - and incidently, gave me a lovely handmade necklace in a box that she covered in the fabric from skirt #1 for my birthday!).

I happened to be scouring the clearance rack at RW months later and lo and behold, there it is again! Even cheaper! And in a size 6! Which is now too big, but I'm feeling puffy right now and very "meh" and it's Monday, so I threw on this outfit again, which happens to be exactly what I wore to Scotch Club last night, so Ms. Carollyne, that is why you are having deja vu.


  1. That's so funny - when you read someone talking to you while reading their blog! I really like this outfit - nice warm colours, pattern with solids - the belt and jewellery make it a classic. Love it. Carollyne.

  2. Hey, thanks, hon! It is a classic - I've worn it a couple of times with different jewelry.

  3. I agree, this is a good look for you. My favourite of recent postings, XINE

  4. I seriously love this outfit- I may have to "steal" it!!


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