Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jeans and Tweed

Tweed jacket (Oxmo), gold satin blouse with gold crystals (Bryan's), jeans (Esprit), black cutout boots (Zara, consignment), brown leather belt with gold flower & crystal buckle, real gold hoop earrings (40th birthday gift).

Since timing was tight yesterday with my usual photog, L, I took the camera to work and had my fellow fashionista, Ruth, take my picture.

I love this jacket - I found it on clearance at Plum about a year ago (for around $30). It has a beaded design on the back of birds, and also a detactable zip-out black hoodie. I thought the hoodie part wasn't right with the gold blouse, so I took it out. The edges of the jacket are deliberately frayed, and the black/tan tweed (it's a herringbone pattern) is actually wool!

These boots are so cool. They are mid-calf and zip up the back of the leg so that the cut-outs are nice and clean. A close up:

I have to make sure I remember to wear black socks under them (as opposed to my usual white sport socks that I usually wear under boots).

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