Monday, April 28, 2008

Simple Red and Brown - and New Commenters!

Welcome to my new commenters: Xine (fashion diva extraordinaire!), xr (aka Ruth, fashion maven and work crony who gave me belts), and Celia (deliciously fun and giver of the tweed skirt)! Glad to have you here, ladies!

And a shout out to my mom, who notes that she bought the bead necklace off a hippie in the early 70s.

Today is Monday, and that means I have little energy for planning an exciting outfit, so I fall back to an old staple: the sweater and pant with funky shoe. Can't go wrong.

Red cashmere blend sweater (Tobias, Plum), brown wide-leg pant (Tobias, Plum), brown leather belt with gold buckle (mostly hidden, Plum), leopard pumps (Steve Madden, from DSW in San Francisco), gold filigree cuff (The Bay) and gold filigree & bead earrings (Plum).
Wow, it's almost all from Plum, but all at different times. These pants are a little big, but I love them. They have a super low waist and a couple of pleats at the front (danger! danger!), but they just look so good on. They make my hips look slim. I have this sweater in a deep cobalt blue as well (they were only about $20 each on clearance, and do you say no to cashmere - even a blend - at that price? No, you do not!). The cut of the sweater is really nice - I have a brown cami on underneath for extra warmth. But the shoes are the real star of this outfit:

Damn! Those are hot! L and I were in San Fran in Oct 2006 for my 39th birthday, just as I was in the middle of my weight loss (I'd lost about 20 pounds at that point), and I didn't want to buy any clothes because I knew they'd all be too big in a couple of months. So I bought all accessories: a couple of purses, a scarf and these. They are pony hair - you can see that they look sort of hairy. I love leopard - it's a classic.


  1. Love these!!!
    Looking for a pair myself..discounted of course

  2. Haha, we both have these shoes. Mine are also pony skin, but are a bit darker see them here
    Twins again I think x


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