Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pink and Black

Dusty pink sweater (RW & Co.), pale pink camisole (Esprit), black suit pants (Max Studio, Winners), glass purple/yellow/black necklace (Oscar & Libby's), purple glass earrings (can't remember), pink tie-dye wedge shoes with bow (Kenzie, The Bay).
Yes, you read that right: pink. Not a fan of pink in general, but certain shades work for me - this being one of them. This goes really well with brown, but I already wore the brown pants this week, so I'm doing black. Plus, the necklace has black beads on it, so there.

Nothing really special about this outfit, except that I wanted to wear these shoes today and the sweater goes well with them. A close-up:
They're just so girly - look at that bow! I've had them for a couple of years, pre-dating the wedge mania that has been swamping all shoe stores for the last year. Very comfortable shoes - they look really pretty with a cream dress and my big straw hat with the pink roses on it (the cream dress is long gone, but I still have the hat) - I wore that outfit for my friend Cinthya's wedding.

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  1. I love to pep up a plain outfit with some shoes that are just a little bit different and it seems that you do too. These are really sweet x


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