Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bigass Stay-Cation Weekend Wrap-Up: Day of Indolence; Post-Ulti Shopping; Nautical Vintage Fair

Hello, everyone! I'm back and it's time to regale you with tales of adventure and a ton of pictures. Are ya ready? Got a cup of tea? 
 This is my outfit for Friday's Annual Day of Indolence (see here for last year's shenanigans). The deal: as many of L's friends as possible take the day off, meet up with us and we do whatever we like (as long as too much effort is not involved). It is mostly drinking in pubs, ha ha!

  • Wool cardigan - Ports, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May for a shopping expedition
  • Sleeveless sweater - Gap, thrifted; last worn here in December 2018 for some retail therapy
  • Trousers - INC, thrifted; purchased here for $24.95
  • Shoes - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last worn here with my DVF scribble dress

Before we get too deep down the rabbit hole, a couple of things (all links in my posts, always, are links 'cause I love!):

  1. This is my ensemble for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - I'm in wool, cotton, silk and leather - perfect all-natural materials for swanning about town! 
  2. I'm featured in Wendy Brandes' "Throwback Thursday" - check it out here, yo! 

All good? Back we go!
 I built the outfit around these spectacular trousers (which are pull-on, which felt rather indolent!). I had to wear a bit of a platform, and I should probably stick to a simple palette, hence the simple black sleeveless sweater.

But the weather in Victoria is so variable - if you don't like it, just wait 10 minutes! - so I knew I'd need a jacket or sweater, not matter how nice the weather was supposed to be.
And I need a little DRAMA, 'cause that's who I am, hee hee. Enter the 100% wool long cardi - this is one of my favourite pieces. It swooshes about dramatically.

Without the cardi, so you can see the trousers better.
 I never took the cardi off, though.

For a pair of pull-on pants, they are quite well-made. The stripes are at least lined up.
 No pockets, though!

All done up, and ready to roll! Got my new-to-me cobalt blue leather bag (it was perfect), and my black and white silk scarf for a little extra warmth.
 I wore variations on this - sometimes the scarf was down my back, sometimes I tied it to my purse.

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted; purchased here for $36.95 - first wearing
  • Scarf - fake Louis (Lewis!) Vuitton via Stephen Sprouse, thrifted

The stuff:
 Such lovely shoes! We walked all over town, and they were wonderful all day.

Turquoise bling:
 I'm getting a good collection of real and fake turquoise (only the ring and the earrings are real).

  • Necklace/cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - used furniture store
  • Silver/turquoise ring - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I took the camera to record a few pictures of our chill day, starting with L and I at the bus stop.
 Mr. Chill! He's in his rock-star jacket (purchased nearly 15 years ago in San Francisco, a vintage pin-up girl Hawaiian shirt, and a Monty's Showroom t-shirt (a stripper bar that recently burned down, not a loss!) and the Cooper Swordfish Fluevogs.

L and Randall at the Ruby downtown. Yvonne, Randall and Cat and Ross met up with us for breakfast (not too early!).
 The Ruby has a lot of taxidermy, and they play records while you eat.

We sat near the fireplace.
 Another head, and the parts of a cow helpfully diagrammed.

From there, we headed to the Garrick's Head to pick up Nick. Cat and I scratched some lottery tickets but didn't win.
 Sad faces! I think I may have the Innsmouth Look (hee).

We moved next door to the Churchill, where we met up with Karen, Chris, Ron and Carolyn.
 We didn't stay too long - it was kind of dark.

Out in the sun on Government Street (tourist central!).
 Nick, Caro and Ron. EA Morris Tobacconists beside us, with Murchie's Tea and Munro's Books (best book store ever) lining the street. Caro headed home after this. It's okay to be indolent on your own!

We strolled down to the Inner Harbour, where even more tourists were swarming.
Our spiffy seat of government for the province of BC, the legislature, the Parliament Buildings, the goes by many names.

The mighty Empress Hotel. 
 Such a lovely building.

You can see the changeable skies to the west.
 I see the Coho Ferry is in from Port Angeles in Washington State. The statue on the far right is Captain James Cook - we used to put beer cans in his hand when I was a rowdy teenager.

Cat and Yvonne's head (and I see Karen) as we head to James Bay.
 We're on a mission!

We had some drinks at the Bent Mast (I also had some fabulous mac & cheese), then went to find Yvonne and Randall's first apartment.
 Look at that hand-done lettering: Cherry Blossom Court. That's old - probably from the 60s.

From there we rambled to Belleville's and watched the world go by. Ali joined us.
 And L ate dinner.

Home past the ol' rockpile, where a graduation class was assembled on the front steps.
 We stayed a good distance away from that. Not our kind of shenanigans!

Towards the Museum. That structure is the Carillon Tower (link), a connection with the Netherlands.
 Look at that lovely blue sky, and the majestic Canadian flag.

Our posse of peeps - that crane is a familiar site in Victoria. So much development!
 Chris and Ali, Ross, Nick, Yvonne and Randall...and my shadow.

L and I chilled out and played boardgames on Friday night, but we were up early for a game of Ulti on Saturday.
 We finally had some of our regulars back, so game on! My usual outfit plan: something easy and comfy!

  • Dress - Talbots, thrifted; last worn here in July 2018
  • Shoes - Karl Lagerfeld; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May with Etro
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn here in May

My zigzag Charlie Brown dress makes its once-a-year appearance! I love black and white dresses, many dresses, so little time!
 This dress is lined with cotton, and the front layer is all interlocked lace (picture here from when I first bought it a few years ago).
Our game was intense, and I am very sore and achy from all that running around. We went for brunch afterwards with Nick, then I headed off on my own to have some retail therapy.

Coated but only for sun - it was lovely out.
 I did take my contacts out after lunch, as I can't see anything close up with them on!

The stuff:
 A bunch of yellow. These shoes are wearing out quickly.

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Bakelite earrings - vintage fair

I went to the WIN Boutique for a peek around, and found a couple of things.
 This is a brown linen skirt - I quite like how the front passes through one side, and it has a wrap front. It's a nice detail that the back is lined, so that the stitching isn't exposed.

It's by Andrea Jovine (never heard of her), and was $34.95.
 For linen, made in Hong Kong? Sure! I found this obituary for Andrea Jovine's husband from 1998 (that's early for online stuff!) that talks more about her clothes than poor V.A.

I really liked the 70s-inspired look of this dusty blue skirt.
 Those are real pockets, and dig those fun gold buttons.

I like that the buttons are actually sewn on by hand (vs. machine) - I can tell because they are sewn in an X pattern.
 The texture is sort of like a brushed denim - I could tell it was quality beyond the $6.95 price tag!

My hunch was confirmed - this is by Smoking Lily, a local business, and this is a polyester/merino wool blend.
 Nice! No idea  how old this is, but their stuff is handmade, ethically made and not cheap. This would have been around $60 or more new.

I also found a black sweater!
 I know, pretty exciting, right?

Ha ha! Not really - even I have to buy basics sometimes.
This is a cotton blend sweater by Bleu Gray and was $5.95. Ah, it's a Costco brand (fast fashion) and sells for $9.95.

I have a swimsuit, but I don't go swimming much, but I still bit and picked up this citrus yellow cover-up.
 I might just wear it around the house when it's really hot out.

Or I might wear it like a tunic with some flowy pants.
 Either way, it was only $6.95 - and it was made in Canada by Cover Me. It would have been around $49.99 new.

From there, I had a quick browse in the Velvet Crease (consignment). I tried on oodles of things, but the higher prices put me off.
 I did come away with this purple velvet dress - it's got amazing swoosh, POCKETS and a gorgeous neckline.

The colour doesn't show well there, so here it is in the light.
 So purple!

It's by Betsey Johnson, who I have a soft spot for.
 It's lined, and Betsey, that sizing is whack, considering this is not vintage.

It's all poly, folks.
 Someone cut the pink hanger ribbons off, but note that this does have bra-strap thingies (technical terms here!).
 A good mark of quality. This was $68.00 (it retailed for $148.00) and was the most expensive thing I bought all weekend.

On Sunday/today, I kitted up and headed to town to do my grocery shopping for the week (hooray for delivery!).
 I hopped a bus to the summer Vintage Fair afterwards - it was themed Nautical so I rolled with that.

  • Leather jacket - Kensie, consignment; last seen here in May 
  • Top - Jones New York, thrifted; last worn here a year ago in June 2018, with pink and navy
  • Pants - Jean's by Jean Paul Gaultier, vintage 90s, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here in January while Ann and I bothered peacocks
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in May for a chores-y day

I had the jacket on all day, but don't I look like I could swing from the yardarm?
 Maybe not!

I love these fun jeans - I showed them off to a few people who enjoyed my designer "name."
 I spent a couple of hours at the vintage fair, then missed my bus home after spending a little while in the WIN store over in that part of town.

This is what I actually looked like, only with my purse and shopping bag slung around me.
 I missed my bus home, so I walked to town, and popped into Flavour Upstairs briefly before I finally caught a bus home.

The stuff:
 Solid shopping shoes! I had a few admirers of my wooden earrings.

  • Earrings - vintage expo

My goodies. I got a postcard for the next vintage fair, which will be in late September, and will themed for Hallowe'en.
<3 a="" always="" and="" bag="" entry="" fee.="" goody="" i="" my="" nbsp="" one="" p="" paid="" pick="" pin="" received="" up="" vintage="" when="">

That's a real shell, sprayed silver, and these earrings were free inside.

 I like the splattered turquoise! These will actually be useful in my wardrobe.

I always enjoy exploring the WIN section, as they set aside clothes for the fairs - they are not sold in the shops - to make a little extra money.
 I was all YES MINE about this wool dress. What a colour!

It was only $22.95 but "as is" so I inspected it carefully.
 Cuffed sleeves (a bit of dust), and two front pockets (yes!).

The zipper pull looked suspicious.
Can that possibly be original?

I noted the mark on the front.
 Marks on wool come off pretty easily - wool doesn't grab stains too badly.

Whereas that zipper pull has me on full "not original" alert.
 It's certainly solid, but it's anchored to the zipper (which is painted yellow, and probably had a more neutral pull) with thick copper wire. Totally an alteration after the original pull broke, I'd wager.

I fixed the stain with my trusty Folex! Not even a mark left.
Folex is the best stuff EVER for removing stains.

A nice wool tag on the inside (the dress is fully-lined in bright yellow as well).
 Confirmation of same, plus it's made in Canada!
 Lida Baday is a Canadian designer, but has shuttered her doors (article here from 2014 when they closed), but was one of the last companies to make her clothes in Canada. This was not a cheap dress originally - it was likely several hundred dollars new!

I spotted this massive black brooch while in line to pay.
 It's all black with black crystals on it. I love the shape - it's very alien. Only $12.95!

I bundled these next two items: a set of Renoir Matisse brooch/earrings, and a bigass pearl bracelet.
 The brooch was marked at $55 (or $65?) for the set, and the bracelet was originally $9.00. I got both for $60, which I happily paid.

My brooch is shown here and noted as being from the mid-50s.
 I have the plain copper earrings (they also made them in green enamel, as well as red enamel).

Nicely stamped on the back of the pin.
 Although this has some age (it's nearly 70 years old!), it's in pristine condition.

The earrings have no wear marks at all.
 A nice Renoir stamp.

I found this ring for $10.
 The stone is (I think) obsidian, and I was told that this was not silver.

I liked how it looked and felt.
 You know I love a bigass ring! Now I have a black one.

I paid $10 for it, but I'd already spotted the stamp with my eagle eye.
That does indeed say "925" and we know that means it's silver.

The other half of the stamp is less clear, but I think it says, "Tocara".
And yup, that's the brand. It was likely around $80 new.

I spotted this necklace in a jumble tray for $10.00. "It's a set, there's earrings," noted the helpful vendor. 
 For $10? Yes!

I love the slight cross-hatched finish.
 No signs of wear - I think the earrings were too tight (I loosened them up a bit).

A nice stamp on the clasp - good ol' Sarah Coventry.
What a timeless piece. I should get some good wear out of it.

At the WIN store, I found this simple top.
 The label is sewn into the strap, so that you can wear it with the V in front.

Or the U in front.
 Another good basic.

And I was lucky to find it for only $5.95
 Feels like a bargain!

I also had to buy this dress - it was too nice to leave it behind.
 It's a black wrap dress, with ruffled trim on the hem/wrap/neckline and the sleeves. It's VERY ruffly.

It's by Strawberry Jill! I know them!
 Only $9.95!? That can't be right - this would have been hundreds of dollars new!

Look at the double layers of ruffle on the sleeves.
 There might be some swooshing!

There is a lovely little snap at the decolletage.
 We all like those.

And it's 100% silk!
 For $9.95! Such a score, even if I only wear it once and then give it away. I couldn't leave it behind.

At Flavour Upstairs, I only found one thing - I was just there last week, so it's easy to spin through and find the new stuff.
 I like the scrawly drawn print.

It's by Milly, a brand I know. Made in the USA and only $14.99!
 Their blouses run from $295 to over $400 new.

And this is 100% silk as well.
 So many gorgeous French seams inside too.

I'm excited to wear all my scores - what's your favourite?
"Woman, why must you do this?"

I know, Vizzini is always the favourite, especially when he's sleeping.

Let's wake him up!
"There had better be something in this for me." 

Definitely! How about some pats and scritches?
"I am amenable to that."

Thank you so much for stopping by, my friends! 


  1. Cute cat! Great finds! The jewelry is so timeless. You have a great curated wardrobe!

  2. the necklace earring set and the purple velvet dress. Amazing finds!

  3. I love the cobalt maxi cardi with the printed pants, such a fun outfit! And I'm in awe with that stunning yellow dress, and the velvet one, and that black one! You scored so many amazing finds! :) I haven't been opshopping for a while - I tend to buy more summer things than winter things and with it being winter at the moment the stock in the shops reflects it, I assume the opshop would be the same too, but winter doesn't last long here!

    1. Thanks, that was my favourite outfit - I felt like a rock star. The dresses...oh, I cannot resist a dress, Mica! I op-shop all year round - you find some amazing things out of season!

  4. The striped trousers are so great on you!! With the blue shoes, a treat for the eyes. And I'm loving that wool chartreuse dress, what a beauty. And as a fellow cat keeper, I have to find that stain remover! xox

    1. Aren't they fab, Patti? Thanks so much! Yes, Folex is amazing!

  5. Oh my, weren't you both dressed to the nines for the Annual Day of Indolence! Pull-on or not, I love those stripey trousers, combined with cobalt and turquoise. The Charlie Brown dress - which I'm sure I remember from last year - made me giggle. Not the dress itself, mind you, but your apt description of it! Love the purple Betsey Johnson dress, it matches my BJ watch ;-) Fabulous finds at the Vintage Fair, especially the jewellery. My favourites are the Renoir Matisse brooch and earrings set and that groovy necklace and earrings set! xxx

    1. I was! I don't ever get lazy when I dress for an outing, Ann. I love the trousers too - so fun! Yes, I'm sure you do remember that dress, if only for the name, ha ha! I love the Renoir stuff - I am always looking for unique sets.

  6. What a treat that post was! So many great outfits especially the striped flares and the JPG get up. Loved seeing the architecture, your pals and your weekend shenanigans not forgetting Vizzini, of course.
    That yellow coat is stunning and what a great tip about the Folex carpet cleaner, I shall have to do some research and see if there's something similar available here. I wasn't familiar with Renoir jewellery until Goody posted her weekend find here Your earrings are the same! What are the chances?
    I'd have definitely bought that lovely silver ring, it's a beaut! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Vix! I like to take a few pics to share, but mostly I'm just being in the moment. That coat is a dress! Isn't it divine? You need Folex, it's good for everything! How wild that we both found the same pin/earrings!

  7. You were on a black white roll this time around, I think. I am in love with your sailor jeans - they are fabulous; although the striped trousers with the elastic waist were a close second for me. And what a lot of jewellery you bought! I loved it all.

    The yellow wool dress is beautiful and I think it will look lovely on you. Talking of yellow I am surprised the yellow pumps by Karl Lagerfeld (?) are wearing out - have you had them for long? I thought the thing about designer items was the quality and one assumes that includes longevity of the the item. An example here isn't a designer label; but Marks and Spencer knickers last forever!

    I read a review of a book in this weekend's Guardian newspaper books review and immediately thought of you! It's called 'The Pocket: A Hidden History of Women's Lives 1660 - 1900' by Barbara Burman and Ariane Fennetaux. And yes, it's all about pockets.

    L is such a cool dude!

    1. I do love a black-and-white print, Vronni! I had fun with all my outfits, and purchases too.

      Erg, let me tell ya, sometimes the quality is just not there. If these shoes were made in Germany 20 years ago, I wouldn't be complaining, but they are made in China and while they are patent leather, there is no support in them, and they are getting thrashed just from walking around in them. Sometimes a designer just a label! I always know real quality, despite or in spite of the label.

      Ooh, that sounds like a wonderful book - thank you!!

  8. What a great post. You have cool friends. I'm trying to imagine how your hubby is reacting to the Stanley Cup final this year. :)

    1. I do! They are lovely people, as you know.

      Wednesday is going to be CRAZY. He is very stressed about the whole thing!

    2. Sheila, I extend my deepest condolences to your husband. I hear he's on suicide-watch. Feed him warm liquids and look for returning signs of normalcy. When he's blue, remind him "there's always next year." :-)

    3. Oops... I probably shouldn't have said "blue."

    4. No worries, Ally - he's pretty down right now, but in the grand scheme of things, this is not that big of a deal. I'll feed him cold, rum-based liquids, ha ha!

  9. You are ROCKING all the black and white patterns in this post! The first outfit is utterly sublime though- my favourite! love the TARDIS-blue cardie!
    You look like you had a super time with your friends, even if the scratch card didn't work out!!!x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! It's totally TARDIS blue, isn't it?

  10. You've made a lot of fantastic finds there - you've such a good eye for things. I love the way you use colours in your outfits, like the turquoise accessories.

    A day in pubs is time well spent!

    1. Thanks, Mim! I love looking for the best stuff.

      Agreed! I love hanging out with my friends. :)

  11. What's great finds! I can't pick a favourite, too much loveliness, but must say I'm pretty sure your new skirt is polyester and hemp, not polyester and merino ;) xx

    1. Thanks, Radostin! I know, I waffled: does it say hemp or merino? It feels scratchy, though, like wool - I have a couple of hemp garments and they feel softer than this.

  12. Finally I get to comment on this post. I adore every outfit in this post. Really I do. The first one is a WOW, the dress is gorgeous and the Gaultier trousers with that adorable jacket are a very good combination with the ballerinas. Very Audrey Hepburn.
    All your finds are so good (I have seen them on you by now).

    1. Thanks, Greetje! FYI, you can comment anonymously on any of my posts - I don't have any restrictions set (I don't have any troll issues, thank goodness).

  13. First of all only you can pull off a pair of horizontal striped and still look fab ! Of course the lace zig zag dress ia a favourite of mine.
    Your stay cation proved to be fruitful! You got so many great items at the stores. The yellow wool dress is amazing and the silver chain and earring set were quite a find. The earrings are very unique.

    1. It's not the stripes, it's how the clothes are cut! That was a fun weekend!

  14. I am all about the pants in this post! Digging those black and white striped ones and have loved the JPG since you found them. Looks like it was a lovely day of indolence with good company, some beverages, and some good shopping.

    1. I have been collecting some awesome pairs lately, thanks, Shelley! Such a fun weekend that was!


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