Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Birds, Dots and Adopt-a-versary

I'm still working through my as-yet-unworn spring/summer clothes, plus a few odds and ends of new-to-me things. 
 The blouse is finally getting an airing this year, and the blue belt is a newly-thrifted piece.

  • Blouse - Tory Burch, consignment; last worn here in July 2018 with Space Pants
  • Skirt - Compania Fantasico, consignment, Vancouver; first worn here in April with the jelly-deer
  • Shoes - Zoomies Ishshoes, Fluevog; last worn here in May with a giant tropical jumpsuit

The blouse is silk, and I love the pattern, which reminds me of feathers - the navy blue shapes are abstract birds - it's very cool. 
I usually wear a slim bottom with a full top, but instead I emphasized my waist and wore full over full. 

I love the creamsicle orange colour of this skirt. 
 And being pleated, it's very swooshy.

Looking serious. It was a busy day.
 And I'm glad it's over.

The stuff:
 I never thought white shoes would be so versatile! These are fabulously comfy.

Blue and white bling:
 With all that pattern, I kept my accessories simple.

  • Leather belt - Karen Millen, thrifted; purchased here for $8.00
  • Earrings - vintage, vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Vizzini came for a visit while I was taking my pictures.
"Woman, don't you know what day it is?"

I totally did not, until my photo editor reminded me that today is the anniversary of Vizzini's adoption: June 26th, 2011.

He's so tiny! Look at those big ears and paws.

Aw, and there is our dear Inigo, who got inflammation around his lungs, and died a year later. We still miss him a lot.
"That tail was meant for grabbing!"
"Where did that little guy go?"

Vizzini has always been a little monkey - very mischievous.

Always with his big white whiskers too.
"Who are you?"

He's about to climb up my leg and grab the dangling camera cord.
"I shall climb Mount Woman and get that tasty treat!"

Inigo and Vizzini were fast friends.
"Does she always do this?"
"Yes, you'll get used to it."

How the time has flown! And look at this big, happy kitty!
"Your displays of affection are tedious, Woman."

Happy Adopt-a-versary, Vizzini!


  1. Happy adopt-versary Vizzini. Gosh he was so cute when he was little :) , and still is. Love the color of the skirt. Lise

    1. Wasn't he? Such a monster then, though! He is much better now.

      Thanks, Lise!

  2. aww happy gotcha day Vizzini! So cute look back on the kitten pics! :) I confess I forget Cooper's adoption day sometimes! It kinda creeps up on me!

    1. I know, I can get lost in looking at them. Thanks, Mica!

  3. Oh my goodness how cute was Vizzini kitten? Ten out of ten for cuteness. Inigo looked like Vizzini to me. I'm sorry to hear he died. Have you thought about a companion for Vizzini or is he just too much to handle? He's is a gorgeous cat and no mistake.

    Loved the outfit and the shoes are wonderfully weird but in the best possible way.They do look incredibly comfortable.

    1. He was adorable, but a monster back then! I'll take my grown kitty. We thought about a companion, but he's quite a handful, Vronni - he terrorized Inigo!

      Thank you!

  4. Cats are masters of the aloof aren't they? I'm not a cat person, but I do appreciate the love of a cat owner.
    Re the outfit, I'm enjoying this bit of pattern play - it's a while since I've done any of that. The swooshy skirt is fab and those shoes are fabulous. Such a summery look x

    1. They are! That's part of the charm. Thank you so much, Anna!

  5. I’ve never been one to wear white or cream shoes, but you’ve convinced me that they can be great. My mum recently bought a pair of cream go-go boots so I think I might have to give them a whirl one day.
    Aww, Vizzini melts my heart. He was so little. X

    1. Oh, I love them, especially in summer - it's just getting used to the look.

      I know, my little guy was so cute!

  6. Happy Adoptiversary Vizzini (for Sylvester, I call it his "Gotcha Day", which is in November). What a little sweetie he was, and what a handsome guy he's grown into. My cat is fine being an "only cat" too. He is very social with people, but does not like other cats.

    1. Aw, thanks, Shelley! He's become a good cat, and we're happy to have just him.

  7. I love this outfit, the patterns, the colours, the textures...
    The photos of Inigo and Vizzini are so cute. Vizzini was such an adorable little kitten. He's still adorable but in a beg cat kind of way

    1. Thank you so much! He was a cute little kitten, but yes, he's still a handsome fellow.

  8. Lovely outfit, the orange skirt is particularly fab in its glorious color and swooshiness!, and those shoes are Fabulous!
    And those pics of the cute Little Vizzini are melting my heart!!


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