Thursday, June 6, 2019

Stay-Cation Daze: Pink Pow, Birthday Brunch, Poser Pumps, Book Club Brocade

Hello, my friends! I'm still here, no worries - I apologized if I worried you by not "signing off" before starting my stay-cation this week. I appreciate your concern, thank you. 

Here's my "Friday" outfit that wore on Tuesday, my last day of work for the week. 
 I really wanted to wear this lovely satin bomber jacket.

  • Jacket - Le Tigre, thrifted; purchased here for $24.95
  • Sweater - Gap, thrifted; last worn here with tweedy textures in May
  • Skirt - Banana Republic, consignment; first seen here in April with chartreuse
  • Shoes - Coclico, Seattle; last worn here in March for International Women's Day

I wrapped up a few things, then unplugged my laptop and handed it over to IT for a refresh/upgrade.
I tidied up my desk, and ran through a few things with my fill-ins over the next few days (Number one: don't burn down the office. Number two: don't call me if you do!).

Then I handed over the spare keys. So, appropriate that I wore a key pattern, right?
 I loved the pattern-mixing in this outfit. The navy and white are the two colours in common, then magenta pink for the pow.

You know I like a pow in my outfits.
 I met L after work for Thai food, and then I didn't feel like doing this post, so we just hung out with Vizzini when we got home and played boardgames. Holiday!!

The stuff:
I had a fairly slow day, and can handle really high heels like this for short periods of standing. Especially heels this gorgeous!

Shiny bling:
 I always wear these tassel earrings with these shoes - they are a set!

  • Necklace - vintage, vintage fair
  • Earrings - consignment, Vancouver
  • Silver/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's

On Wednesday, Mom came over and took us out for L's birthday brunch at the Snug at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.
 It's a rather posh place, so I thought I'd scandalize them with lots of bare legs on a 51-year-old. Heavens!

  • Dress - Banana Republic, thrifted; last worn here with those shoes (and earrings!) above in March
  • Shoes - Dr. Scholl's, consignment; last seen here in April with pigtails and a painty top
  • Jacket (below) - Gap, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in April

Mostly, I just wanted to be comfy.
 After lunch, I spent five hours on the couch, finishing my book for Book Club that evening.

I didn't wear this, thought - regular around-the-house stuff for me.
 Vizzini snoozed on me for most of it.

I do enjoy an afternoon of nothing but indulging in a good book (and several cups of tea).
We were reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot, a non-fiction outing about the HeLa cells that have been responsible for huge medical advances (including the polio vaccine), but which were first taken from a black woman who died of cancer in 1951. The author herself is part of the book, as she helps Henrietta's family come to terms with this (the consent - or lack thereof - over one's body and tissues is dealt with very evenhandedly). 4/5 - recommended! (here's a link, 'cause I love, to the author's site).

The weather's been spring-like (shocking!), so windy, rainy, sunny, warm, chilly. Just wait 10 minutes, it'll change!
I do love a hot pink (PANK) jacket.

I also love my sequined UK flag purse.
 Since we were going "behind the Tweed Curtain" to Oak Bay, it was on theme.

The stuff:
 Comfy shoes, awesome purse.

  • Purse - Accessorize, thrifted

Simple bling:
 Just some things I like.

  • Earrings - Winnie Tam
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower

As I spent my afternoon reading, L went to town and spent his birthday gift cards. I'd had to keep this Fluevog purchase of mine a secret, since I'd ordered them while ostensibly out birthday shopping for him.
He picked them up at the store for me - they'd ordered them in from the Calgary store. Fuzzy purple! I wasn't sure about the super high V vamp until I tried them on.

These are called the Poser Ioni, and as you can see from the pictures online (here, linking 'cause I love), they are much darker purple in person (I knew this, I'd seen them in Vancouver and at my local store).

That is actually wool - the heel is covered in a purple/pink brocade. I'ts a comfy heel for me, not too high.
 Would you believe I don't actually have purple shoes?

Obviously an oversight!
 Actual colour in the light. These are on sale for $149.00.

I'm such a Poser. John Fluevog agrees.
 "Yes, you are, you're super cute. I said so."

Who else is super cute?
"Is it me?"

It totally is! Look at that little bun!

I finished my book, and dashed off just in time to catch a ride with Caro out to Mindy's house for an evening of wine, soup, salad and chocolate (oh, and lots of cheese too!).
 I went full comfy - nothing too demanding.

  • Top - H&M, thrifted; last worn here in January (with these same boots!)
  • Trousers - L'Wren Scott for Banana Republic, thrifted; first seen here in May with a spectacular kimono
  • Boots - Cougar, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) for a Winesday evening in March

After a long evening of discussion and debate (and chocolate-eating), I am done with this top.
 It looks great in the pictures, but in practical wear, it rode up around my shoulders and I kept pulling it down all night. Arg!

Too annoying to keep! The stretch velvet jeans, however, were lovely.
"When will you be home, Woman?"

He apparently made quite a fuss about me being gone for hours.

The stuff:
I barely wore these, but they are wonderfully comfy boots. I do like a short spring boot.

  • Gold earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

Two days in, and I'm finally starting to relax - I haven't had more than 2 days in a row off since December! I have quite a bit of time off planned this year, starting with this week, and I'm beginning to feel the unwinding.
"You could learn a thing or two from me."

That is one chilled-out kitty!

My friends, I'll be back on Sunday to regale you with tales of adventure! Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  1. Love the magenta in your outfits! It's such a fun colour to accessorise with! :) I've read that book - it's both amazing and horrifying - very emotional!

    I'm glad you are enjoying your time off too, well deserved! :)

    1. Thanks, Mica, me too! I enjoyed the book - it was a great selection.

  2. Ooh, I love the vivid color of the jacket in the first outfit, echoed by the shoes. You assemble ensembles like a master. Or, more accurately, "as a master."

  3. Those new shoes are so gorgeous! Looks like they are already sold out now. (Good for my wallet, ha ha.) Enjoy your time off, dear Sheila! That was a long stretch to go without a break.

    1. Thanks, Linda! Yup, they were down to the wire - the red ones are pretty cute, though! Thank you - I'm feeling much more recharged.

  4. I loved your first outfit with the check skirt and key patterned bomber jacket; the shoes were the icing on the cake. Your little grey/black and whit dress looked amazing with PANK jacket! And as for those purple wool shoes with the brocade heels - how fantasatic are they? The high V at the front reminds of shoes from the early 1990s which I loved and funnily enough I always wanted a purple suede pair but had to make do with black suede ones instead.

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is an astonishing book. I found a copy for my
    best friend and she loved it. By the way; five hours on the sofa with Vizzini; a cup of tea and a riveting book sounds like Heaven!

    Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks, Vronni! I was not 100% on the shoes when I first saw them, but I've come around.

      Doesn't that sound like heaven? I am so glad to have had this time off.

  5. Hope you’re enjoying your stay-cation. In my eyes, there’s nothing better than reading a good book and drinking copious amounts of tea – that sounds perfectly relaxing!

    The pink details definitely add a “pow” to your first outfit. And the UK bag is so fab! The wooly Fluevogs look so interesting and I love the message on the sole of the shoe. That’s so cute! X

    1. Thanks, Jess, I sure am! Fluevogs are known for their funky soles/souls!

  6. Have a great time! I thought it was a bit ,,strange,,to see you wearing that dress without any color! Lucky you added a pink jacket!

    1. Thanks, Nancy - you know I dabble in all-neutrals sometimes! I don't always wear tons of colour!

  7. There's certainly a lot of "pow" in your first outfit, Sheila! I absolutely love the pops of magenta. That jacket is a triumph! The cute fit and flare dress worn with the PANK jacket and sequinned UK flag purse is fabulous as well. And I actually queed when I saw your new shoes! Absolutely amazing in every way! I'm a bit late in commenting, and hope you are having a most wonderful weekend! xxx

    1. A little "bam!" too, Ann, ha ha! Thank you so much - aren't the shoes amazing? No worries, hope your weekend is going well.

  8. Am only slightly jealous at you having a stay-cation! Oh how I love hanging around at home. Great to see the PANK jacket once again and the purse is so cute. It reminds me of a Union Jack purse I have - must root about my closet to find it, thanks x

    1. Oh, it was much-needed, Anna! I was happy to sneak in a wearing of the PANK jacket before it gets too warm out. Dig out that purse!

  9. Have a great time off! And why should anyone object to your legs? You've got great pins. Those purple fuzzy shoes will make the most of them.

    Heh, Ann mentioned 'PANK' recently on her blog and I knew exactly which blog she was referring to!

    1. Oh, the Oak Bay people are funny about stuff like that, heh heh. It's too hot right now to wear the fuzzy shoes!

      Nice! I'm spreading the PANK word! Thanks, Mim!

  10. I gasped at the new Fluevogs! OMG brocade heel, fuzzy top and that great cut - just spectacular.
    Hope you had a good rest.

    1. I know, I can't wait to wear them, but it's been too hot!

  11. Those magenta shoes are simply luscious! I love a big gingham check too. Sounds like you had an excellent stay-cation. The last photo of Vizzini is adorable!

    1. I love the bright pink of them. I need another vacation now!


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