Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bigass Christmas Wrap-Up: Sunday Shiny Shop; Powell River Jaunt

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all had a fabulous day! 
We just got home from our jaunt to Powell River to see L's family, and I have a nap in my future, so bear with me - we have some ground to cover.

On Sunday, I grocery shopped, and then did a little retail pre-therapy in preparation for the holiday. Get centred, find some good items (fingers crossed).

It was a bit on the rainy side, so I went with shiny leather. As one does. 
This gorgeous leather coat is great in the rain. My hair did get a little fuzzed out, though.

  • Jacket - Burberry, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here (2nd outfit) in November to see Tammy for dinner
  • Sleeveless sweater - INC, thrifted; last worn here in January, layered under a plaid jacket
  • Skirt - Club Monaco, consignment; last seen here earlier this month
  • Shoes - Matisse; last worn here (3rd outfit) for a shopping expedition in October

I've been having hot flashes and temperature issues lately, so I've been wearing layers, and things that I won't overheat in.
 No one saw me like this, but that's what I wore. The things I do for this blog.

Open, in shopping mode.
 I had a lot of compliments on the jacket, including a stockboy in the grocery store very somberly saying, "That's a spectacular jacket, ma'am."

I'm a "ma'am." Sigh.
 Done up, and ready to shop!

I went to Flavour Upstairs, and the big WIN store on Pandora Ave.
 All easy items that are easy to take off and put back on.

Outerwear - I just added a wee fur scarf and my velvet gloves.
We have been so lucky with warmer weather lately!

  • Fur scarf - Danier Leather, thrifted
  • Gloves - Cejon, thrifted

The stuff:
 Walking shoes - also easy to toe off and on again.

Minimal bling:
 I had two pieces of jewelry (earrings and a belt buckle) set aside at WIN that I forgot to purchase. I'll have to pop back in and see if they are still there.

  • Earrings - thrifted

I scored with these sweet Vans at Flavour Upstairs.
 These are a pink/blue cloud-y/tie-dye pattern on VELVET.

With big black soles.
 These are going to be my walking-to-and-from-work shoes for spring/summer.

Practically brand new! No wear on the soles at all.
 They were $29.99, and that size 8 1/2 is not correct - these fit more like a 9.5 or 10. These retailed for $65.00.

I also spotted this magnificent printed skirt.
 It's a long, voluminous, swooshy polyester (no pockets, dang it!).

I fell hard for the dragons.
 With heavenly pearls!

I could find nothing about this company, Blind Faith, but the skirt was made in Canada.
 It was only $19.99, which felt like a bargain.

From there, I strolled through the crowds in a happy little bubble, up to the WIN store. No stress for me, I'd all done my shopping for others.

I had looked at these boots last time I was in, and has been mentally kicking myself for not getting them.
 Wedged fringed boots?? Um, YEAH! What the heck was I thinking, leaving these beauties behind?

They are fully suede with leather-wrapped heels, and rubber soles.
 And the wedge is not too high for a day of walking or shopping.

They are by Minnetonka, a company that was vaguely familiar to me - they specialize in fringed boots and moccasins.
 These were only $37.25 (probably why I hesitated - I have a hard time paying more for "expensive" items in a thrift store!), which is a good deal - these would have retailed for around $125.00 new.

I don't usually do hosiery that isn't in original packaging, but these don't look like they've been worn much, if at all.
 And for only $1.99, it's worth throwing them in the wash and giving them a shot.

I scoped out the clearance rack and found this lovely green spotted top.
 It's a hugely flattering cut on - and do you think I'll wear it with these shoes??

It's by eShakti, that online customizable design company.
 It was half price, so $7.50. Their tops retail between $49.99 and $79.99.

A nice detail - a bra-strap holder in the shoulder.
 This was also made in the USA.

I was pleased to find that this lovely printed dress is NOT a stretchy jersey. I loathe non-woven fabrics in dresses, and usually won't touch them unless they are really special.
 This is a woven polyester - no stretch - and it's fully lined.

I love the pattern - won't this look good with my orange or blue shoes?
 And it has pockets! YES.

It's by Donna Morgan, and was half off as well, so $8.62, which also felt like a deal. That size 10 fits more like an 8.
 It'll be tucked away until spring/summer. It's way too light for cooler weather.

I was attracted to this gorgeous green jacket.
 I like the slightly cropped cut of it, and the wide sleeves. It has sort of a vintage uniform vibe to it.

It's by Joe Fresh, and was only $16.95.
 I don't usually consider Joe Fresh (not always good quality), but this is a viscose/wool blend, and is fully-lined (with slash pockets on the front). Good enough for a few wears!

I was excited about this skinny sweater. It has ruffles trimmed in white on the shoulders and at the hem.
 Won't it be cute with the dragon skirt?

I know it sold for more than $17.95 at Club Monaco.
 It's made of viscose and polyester, and has a LOT of stretch to it - so that XS sizing is misleading. It fits more like a M.

When I got home, I wrapped all my presents and hauled out my backpack.
"Does this mean what I think it means??" 

Yes, unhappy kitty, it does. Time to go to Powell River!
 My travel outfit. We went up on Christmas Eve day, stayed all day Christmas, and came home on Boxing Day (today). I wore the same thing both Monday and today/Wednesday (although with unwashed hair and no make-up today).

  • Cardigan - Kenzo, consignment; last worn here in July for a Casual Friday
  • T-shirt - Banana Republic, consignment; last seen here in October with leopard, velvet and dragons
  • Leather slip dress - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here (4th outfit) in October to visit Mom's for Thanksgiving
  • Boots - BCBG Max Azria; last seen here (2nd outfit) earlier in December with my tiger dress
  • Sleeveless coat (below) - Only, thrifted; last worn here on Friday

Again, layered for internal combustion issues.
 Our pile of bags in the hallway, waiting to be loaded into the rental car.

Comfy for sitting in heated seats.
 I have worn this dress a few times for travel - it's very comfy.

Showing off my (nearly forgotten) winter patterned tights.
 They are snowflakes and Nordic patterns on the bottom, and striped around the upper thigh.

Outerwear - uh-oh, I'm getting the Evil Eye from L (I was running late).
"If we miss the ferry..."

  • Cashmere toque - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Gloves - Cejon, thrifted
  • Fur scarf - thrifted

We did not miss the ferry. 

This my Christmas Day outfit. 
 A very comfy outfit it was!

  • Turtleneck - Jacob, thrifted; first worn here (2nd outfit) in early December, layered under pink mohair
  • Dress - Talbots, consignment; last worn here (5th outfit) to a concert in May that I fainted at

I did catch a butter-covered renegade potato in the skirt of it, so the dress is now in the wash, following a bunch of talcum powder to soak up the butter.
 I napped, helped with dinner, and played Cards Against Humanity in this.

Didn't need the cardigan, but wore it to Louise's place anyway.
We walked over to her apartment from our hotel, and it was brisk out.

The stuff: 
 Same for three days straight - I am completely bored by all of it now.

Shiny bling:
 A few of my favourite shiny things. The earrings are at the end of their time with me - they aren't sparkly anymore.

Here are a few pictures of our drive up- and down-Island. As I live in an unusual part of the world, I like to show off a bit of our gorgeous scenery.
The start of the Malahat Drive

I live on the southern tip of Vancouver Island (wiki here), which is a ginormous island with multiple cities and towns on it, as well as some completely wild West Coast rainforested terrain.

The Malahat is carved out of the side of the southern Island.
 It was a gloomy day for a drive, but at least the roads weren't wet or icy.

Low-hanging clouds everywhere.
 This is a terrifying drive when the weather is bad. It's very steep.

We are over 1,000 feet above sea level here.
 To the right are steep cliffs (with trees) leading down to an inlet of the ocean.

You can get an idea of how this road was blasted out of the cliffs.
 High cliffs on the left, and more on the right. That's the lookout straight ahead (we never go there).

Passing through Duncan, a city about an hour's drive from Victoria.
 Nothing to see here, just Silver Bridge.

The drive up-Island is full of fields, lakes, mountains and our old friend, the Gnome With Big Hands.
 Almost missed him on the way up! It's a tradition for me to photograph him on every trip.

North of Nanaimo (another big city, slightly smaller than Victoria).
 It got nasty. Not much visibility.

Oh, thank goodness, there's the sign for the ferry!
 It's about a 3-hour drive to get this far, and it's not even halfway up the Island.

I like the plane at the Tourist Info Centre in Courtenay.
 Wave at the plane! Hello, plane!

As noted, we made it to the ferry.
 This is the Salish Raven, sister ship to the Salish Orca that we took on our last trip up, in the summer (here, quite a contrast in weather!).

Let's get on board!
 I hope we are on the upper deck.

These new ferries are pretty nice.
 I've grown up with several different ferries, from some really old junkers to some swanky new ones like these. Ferries are the only way to get a car on or off the Island. No bridges!

The joys of living on an island.
 Yay, upper deck, right near the stairs (the blue door on the right).

We found ourselves a seat to hunker down and read with headphones in.
 There's the beach I visit in summer.

After we checked into our hotel, we went to Louise's to hang out and have dinner on Christmas Eve.
 A vintage light-up tree, a table-runner that my mom made (hi, Mom!), some lovely flowers from Louise's boyfriend Dave), and an old picture of L, Louise, L's brother Virgil, and me. I can tell it's old because I have short red hair and it's two pairs of glasses ago!

L chilling out with a brew and the colourful tree.
 I see presents!

 I also spotted...
 Two sweet potatoes on the floor in the dining room. I found this hilarious.

A family portrait.
 Such a good-looking fam!

I gave L this satin Bruins jacket for Christmas.
 Do you think he likes it?

He gave me this velvety purple robe to replace my 12+ year-old one that's been worn to death. I love it - so soft!
 Some of my prezzies: socks (they say, "go away, I'm introverting"), lots of chocolate (some eaten), a bunch of books including a graphic novel (not shown), some earrings, and a MAC make-up gift card. I am so spoiled.

After a fun Christmas Day, we were up before sunrise to catch the first ferry home.
 Just starting to get light out as it boards at 8am.

Coming towards Courtenay, back on the Island.
 So gloomy!

Wave at the gnome.
 Remember, "Nice from far...far from nice." No need to get closer.

As we neared Victoria, the sun came out.
 Very glarey on the roads, but we made it home safe and sound.

 Vizzini was very happy to see us.
"No way. Uncle Nick fed me. I didn't miss you at all."

 He has yet to make friends with my new robe.
"I see you stuffed your old one in my house for me to sleep in."

I sure did, bud. I know you love to sleep on it.

And with that, my friends, I'm off to nap. It's been an exhausting few days. See you in a few days for another wrap-up!


  1. Looks like you had an excellent Christmas, along with some good secondhand shopping beforehand! I wish I could find a leather slip dress like yours - it's such a cool piece.

    My friend and I play Cards Against Humanity when I spend Christmas with her and her husband. This year it was just Sylvester and I, but we watched movies, ate and napped so we were just fine.

    1. I know, it's such a cool dress - I am rather fond of it! Your Christmas sounds perfect (or purrr-fect??), Shelley!

  2. Aww... love that first photo!

    Glad L likes the jacket. If, however, Boston plays Nashville, he and I are going to be on opposite sides of the rink. :-)

    1. Yup, one-off shot of us in the hotel room. Ha, that's totally cool, hon.

  3. How lovely to see more of your lovely Island. I loved the Gnome with the Big Hands. When I drive to Devon to see my friend (3.5 to 4 hour drive) I always pass 'The Running Man' on the M5 motorway. He's made out of wicker, is absolutely enormous and has the cutest bum!

    It seems you had a lovely Christmas and all your outfits were lovely. I love the long dress and the Kenzo jacket in particular and as for the fab skirt and shiny jacket - wow! Sorry to hear about your 'hot flushes' as we call them. I'm sorry to have to tell you that they continue once the menopause is over, too, only not as frequently.

    You did so well with your finds! Lovely stuff; I am in love with the floral tights...

    1. I love showing it off, particularly the Gnome. Ooh, I would love to see your Running Man!

      Ugh, thanks, I am already tired of the flushes/flashes!

      Thank you, my dear!

  4. No wonder you needed a nap! Your Christmas sounds quite full-on. Love the shiny leather jacket, and that stockboy certainly had good taste. I'm always surprised when someone calls me ma'am. How did that happen? You did well on your shopping trip, I especially love the fringed boots, the patterned polyester dress and obviously the cropped green jacket. Oh, and I forgot to mention the floral tights! I enjoyed joining you on your trip to/from the ferry. If we drive for three hours, we're no longer in Belgium! Aw look at Vizzini acting he hasn't missed you at all. We know better! xxx

    1. Much napping has been had! It was a whirlwind of a few days, certainly. Vizzini always misses us.

  5. Merry Christmas!! Lovely photos! And of course you must wear your Kermit shoes with the Kermit shirt! ��

  6. Love the forest photos, Shiela (and the shiny jacket and the green denim one too). What a busy time you've had! X

  7. If I am driving three hours I am in France! I love those fringed boots and the pattern dress is gorgeous! Nice to take a peek in your trip!

    1. Everything is very spread out here, Nancy! We don't even have roads to all areas of the island.

  8. Hope the butter comes out that dress! looks like a very successful pre-Christmas shop, and you had a lovely Christmas and got some great presents! :)

  9. Well m'am that is a kick ass jacket ... i want to touch it.
    You scored at the shops, I too want to see how the dragon skirt and black sweater look together.
    Have a great NYE my friend.

    1. It's a great piece. I will definitely be wearing the black and whites together. Thanks, Lorena!

  10. The Foggy photos of the Cliffs and even your photos while traveling are lovely and Stark. I adore your metallic jacket and I’m glad that it works in the rain. It is certainly stunning, rain or shine. The pleated metallic skirt is also stunning.
    What a wonderful thrifted little find !
    I also do not like jersey printed dresses. And I adore the one that you found. LOVE LOVE !
    I love that dragon print as well but could not find the pearls. Again, as you can probably tell from some of these typos I cannot see very well. I do check my spelling, but when the letters are capitalized by mistake... I think and hope it is close enough! And my glasses are difficult for me to wear.
    L’s satin Jacket is very cool. And yes, I do think he rather loves it.
    Happy and merry Sheila!

    1. Oh, sorry, Elle! there is only one pearl with each dragon (the flaming ball). Lol, I don't care about your typing or caps, my dear. I do always appreciate every comment you leave! Thank you!


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