Friday, August 30, 2013

Casual Friday - The 80s Called...

...they want their studded sweatshirt back! 

I know you've all been clamouring to see me wear this, and I do not disappoint!
I had a blast in this outfit today. One of our directors said I looked like a roller derby girl, and most of my co-workers loved this top.

It is of course, my studded sweatshirt that I purchased here on Tuesday (way down at the bottom).
I went full-on vintage for the rest of the outfit - I wanted to have a mix of "high" and "low" with this vintage 80s Nicole Miller denim pencil skirt (last seen here in July with leopard and ruffles) being the high (as in swanky high, not high price) to the low of the sweatshirt.
A bit bunchy there. I'm not used to this loose fit of the top, and the studs - while not heavy (they're more of an aluminum weight than steel) - do add a little bit of weight to the wide neckline, which caused this to slide around a bit today at work.
I had to leave the office today for some errands, so I switched to my painted AirWalks for the afternoon.

The stuff:
And thence the reason for switching shoes! My gorgeous patent leather studded vintage late 80s/early 90s Versace pumps. Aren't they fab? I don't wear them very often - the last time was here in April with my then-new green culottes - because I want them to last a long time! I never wear them outside if I can help it.

The badass bling:
I was a force to be reckoned with today!

Top (Silence + Noise, consignment), skirt (Nicole Miller, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Versace, thrifted), sneakers (AirWalk, swap), cuff (Guess, thrifted), earrings (consignment), lapis lazuli/Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

Have a wonderful Labo(u)r Day long weekend, my friends! Stay tuned for Hat Attack! from the Style Crone, coming in the next couple of days - I will be participating with my usual whackadoo 'tude!


  1. Cool sweatshirt!! Those shoes are keepers too.

  2. Oooooo, the shoes are perfect with that top! The sweatshirt would look great with a turtleneck underneath, and that might help hold it in place a little.

  3. Love the studs on the top with the studded shoes! :) Really nice outfit :)

  4. Funny that you mention the studs being 80s- I've been seeing them all over the place now. Everything new is old again, or something. ;)

  5. OMG! Love it! Hop on my motorcycle and we'll look like we escaped a Mad Max movie. :)

  6. Love the sweater, but I am wowed by those earrings!! Super rad.

  7. The 80's called - they wished everyone looked as darn fine then as you do today! What a great look. The sweater is good, I really like the shape, it hangs well. I have just realised there is no VM today, for your long weekend. Enjoy the holiday! Xx

  8. LOVE IT!!! The sweater really is fantastic--a bit rocker yet it pairs gorgeously with the pencil skirt and class heels!

  9. Adore the studded sweatshirt! Or sweater...xoxo

  10. Sheila!!!! This is the best. You make the '80's look amazing, and your choices look totally right for now (at least according to me). You look gooooood in studs, pencil skirt, and pumps!!!!!!

  11. I've been seeing all sorts of studded sweaters/sweatshirts in the stores lately - I think it's a trend coming back! I love yours, it's awesome, especially with the pencil skirt!

  12. It's an amazing sweatshirt...and styled just right.

  13. You bet I do love it !
    I like this sweater even more now.


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