Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are Those Pants?

You know you don't wear trousers often when your co-workers are shocked to see you in them.
I totally forgot about these wonderful heavy cotton pants! I was reminded by the lovely Ms. Secret Squirrel of Fashion Maths, who found a fab pair of sailor pants (here, check 'em out) while traveling in Glastonbury (in England).
I've had my sailor pants since April 2010, but I haven't worn them in over a year! I last wore them 3 times in the June 2012 all-neutral capsule (recap here).
Today was a little warm for cashmere (yes, that's a cashmere sweater), but the short sleeves of this sweater were perfect for the cooler air-conditioned office. I was melting by the time I got home after my 20 minute walk, though! I last wore this sweater in April here with pale grey.

The stuff:
I went with all shades of green for my accessories, starting with my awesome Fly London shoes. I last wore them in July with a swirly skirt, here.

The bling:
The background is my thrifted silk Remoy d'Urville of Paris scarf, purchased back in March for $2.00 (here).

Sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Fly London), scarf (Remoy d'Urville, thrifted), bangle (thrifted), jade ring (vintage 70s, Mom's), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), earrings (Plum).


  1. Fantastic to shake things up! Love those great green shoes.

  2. Aww! You do rock those pants, Sheila! I bet it's exciting to rediscover things in your closet. ^_^

  3. What a sweet top! The green and white together is sublime!

  4. Those pants are great on you! Nice outfit with the green too :)

  5. I love the shape of these pants on you! :)

  6. It's fun to shock the co-workers! You look fab in these trousers. xoxo

  7. Wonderful pants! I like the fit of them on you quite a bit! Short sleeved sweaters are tricky aren't they? I agree they are nice in an air conditioned office, but if you go outside, it does get warm!

  8. It is unusual to see you in pants, but those are cute! Perfect for a late summer day. And I really love the little scarf around the neck!

  9. Those pants are cool!!! i love everthing about this outfit--the bling, the scarf, the green of the sweater-which you look amazing in!!
    And those shoes can come visit me ANYTIME!!

  10. Love the style of these pants and the whole outfit really. Deceptively simple but yet super stylish...

  11. Thanks for linking to me. And I am glad my trip to Glasto enabled you to shock your co-workers! I love the swing of these trousers, just lovely.

    Know what you mean re:melting - had exactly the same thing today, oof.

  12. I wore pants AND jeans last week. Freaked everyone out!

    I have a hard time planning outfits for inside air conditioning and then transitioning to outside and hot temperatures. I can't wait until Fall.


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