Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Wind-Up - Comfy and Casual (and Some Shopping)

Ah, it's been a nice relaxing weekend, full of fun with friends and some zen-like wandering around in second-hand stores. My favourite!

Let's kick it off with What I Wore to the Ulty Field:
I adore this chambray jean dress, which I've only worn once back here in June for a Casual Friday.
I loved how it looked with one of Megan Mae's tie obis worn over top.
I did cover up for the sun with my white cardi (last seen here in July over my yellow strapless dress, 2nd outfit). The pearly pale gold sandals were great for walking around. I last wore them in July (here, 3rd outfit) for a weekend jaunt down to another consignment store.

After brunch I hit the Hospice Thrift Shop and the Velvet Crease consignment shop. I didn't have a ton of luck at either store...or maybe I'm getting pickier! I hope that's it, heh. I did buy one thing, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Dress (Blues by J. Arcaro, 90s, thrifted), obi belt (Megan Mae), shoes (Artisans by Clark's, consignment), cardigan (Bellisima, consignment), earrings (local).

Today, I wandered down to get groceries (I have them delivered - free! - they show up after 4pm), then bought tickets to go see Emmylou Harris in November (woot!), and then meandered over to the WIN Thrift Boutique to see if they had anything I needed.
This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - I'm all sparkly in my sequins!

I like being covered up when it's sunny - I loathe the feeling of sunblock, although the back of my neck (my tattoos), my chest and my hands always get some. I wear moisturizer with sunblock on my face and neck every day (all year). I like the tops of my feet unblocked - gotta make that Vitamin D somewhere!
This stripey cardigan is one of my go-to pieces for sun coverage. I last wore it in June with that chambray dress that I wore on Friday (here's the link again). The sequined tank is a cheapy but I love all that shine! I last wore it in August 2012 for a casual weekend outfit here (3rd outfit). It's a good layering piece.
The skirt is my mermaid denim - it flaps like sails when I walk. I wore it last in May here (3rd outfit) for an evening of Arkham Horror at our friends' place.

The purple sandals were just worn last weekend (4th outfit) for some strolling about with L.

Cardigan (Express, consignment), tank (Costa Blanca, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), sandals (La Canadienne, consignment).

So here's my goodies from my shopping expeditions this weekend. Enjoy! I'll be making outfits around most of these this week. Exciting!

First up: this gorgeous yellow blazer that I found at the Hospice Thrift Store. The ladies there love to see what I find.
This has a rounded neckline and is very fitted. I love all the pockets and buttons on it. Plus - yellow!

The back:
I'm not sure if I'll keep that buttoned strip at the bottom; my penchant for belting my jackets is limited by that, although I don't know if I'd belt this blazer, since it does have a lot going on at the front anyway.

Here's a good look at the pattern.
It's yellow, plus shiny yellow, plus lime green (!) and a bit of white to keep it all calmed down. And yes, Holt Renfrew!

For those of you not from Canada, Holt Renfrew (or Holt's as we call it when we want to sound like we could afford to shop there) is a very high-end department store. It has all the real designers plus their own brand, which my jacket is. In briefly perusing their website, they don't seem to sell anything under $100, so the $24.95 I spent on this jacket is likely a good score!

Today, at the WIN Thrift Boutique I found this awesome lace blouse for $10.50.
I love the flounced hem (are peplums still in? Do I care?), and can't wait to wear this with a pencil skirt! This is by Annalee + Hope, which - HA - is sold on the Shopping Channel. It's made in the USA (bonus!).

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions with Friday's floofy skirt! I will definitely be wearing a slip and/or boots with it. I love the idea of the chunky sweater too, but I have to be really careful not to get overwhelmed by them. They tend to make me look like I have ginormous boobs.

I think this will work nicely in my fall wardrobe:
It's by Coldwater Creek and was $13.50. It's an acrylic and wool blend and I love the caramel colour. I can see one of my bigass belts working with this, and I can layer some of my thin long-sleeved tees under it for colder weather.

I also found a couple more pieces of undergarments for my vast collection. Slips get washed after every wear, but L (who does the laundry) does all our stuff every two weeks, so in the winter when I really need them, I always run out. Gotta stock up when the getting's cheap.
This mini black half-slip was $2.50. It's just a Sears brand.

I added another French Maid brand slip to the ones I currently own (about 3).
This one was $5.00.

I also found this sweet green shirt for L:
I had to sew a button on the cuff, but that's easy stuff.

Check out the nice texture of the dot pattern.
I like the collar detailing too. RedX Clothing seems to be a UK brand - I bet this cost more new than the $15.50 I paid for it!

Hope you all had a great weekend full of sunshine and good deals!


  1. Lady, you've got more denim maxi dresses/skirts than the average person... I love that you rocked them both in one weekend!

  2. Ooh, a dark denim mermaid skirt! I've been searching for one of those for years. :D Well, one that won't become a straight skirt after I chop it off to my height. ):

    I love the shirt you found for L. Some of my male friends lament the difficulties in finding interesting original-looking men's clothes, so I doubly appreciate your find.

  3. Love that first outfit - the denim dress is so nice with that orange tie belt! :)

    You got some great finds too, that yellow blazer is beautiful :) Looking forward to seeing how you wear it :)

  4. Hooray for maxis - Love both the chambray + Dreamsicle and sequins + stripes. You will totally rock those new things, look forward to see that fab yellow blazer!

  5. I love the chambray with the orange belt! And all your finds are fantastic, especially the lace peplum top :)

  6. Love the mermaid denim skirt, Sheila. And your new buys look outstanding - I adore a white lace blouse like this one you found! You look great and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  7. LOVE the denim dress--and how you styled it. It's simple enough that you can probably style it all year round.

    Now you've shown me I NEEd a sparkly top to layer under cardigans!! love the outfit!

    Oh my that new jacket is GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see it styled! The caramel sweater is very Sheila and the lace top is awesome.
    And you find something amazing for L!!

  8. I adore the denim dress with the obi from Megan! Super pretty!!

    I can't wait to see you style the white lace blouse - I've had my eye out for something like that myself! Great find!

  9. I've just realized that every Monday post that includes a recount of your weekend has these words in the title "and some shopping." I'm so glad you're keeping the Victorian economy going! And finding some fab stuff for yourself.

  10. All blue does look nice...
    I see that you have been shopping lately with some fab finds.

  11. Ooo... yellow blazer. I don't typically wear a lot of yellow, so I'm excited to see what you'll do with that blazer.

  12. ooh, I like the orange obi with the blue chambray. The yellow jacket is a great find. I seem to be seeing a lot of yellow in my little corner of the blogosphere lately.

  13. Some great bargains with way more style than the price tag! Lace peplum is indeed still good ( It's okay to care. I like it when people look like they're paying attention to the world around them. You always do. It's also okay not to give a flip, but having the choice is important.) You look lovely in everything. I was thinking of tie-obi after this weeks bow-tie inspired Project Runway. Lovely.

  14. I really like daytime sparkle. That tee works really well with your sandals.

    And scores! I have just seen you wear the new jacket in your latest post (v. Nice fit indeed), and the slips were a good buy - I need to check that ail out on my next charity shop trip, I tend to miss them out.

    Nice that L gets to benefit too!

  15. Nice finds Sheila!
    The Holt Jacket is real pretty, I love yellow
    Holt is kind of affordable when the shoes are on sale, you get good deals
    I love that you call your skirt mermaid denim- Never heard that
    Looking forward to your future outfits!

  16. Wow Sheila, that maxi jean dress is a stunner and so is the 2. outfit. Love the maxi skirt and the way you paired it with the cardigan and tee.

    Great finds. The yellow blazer is to die for. And the lace peplum is gorgeous. It will look great with a pencil skirt I am sure and I am looking forward to see pics of it.


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