Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lazy and Lacy

Only two more days till another long weekend, and I am just not up to a lot of outfit effort. 
I was kind of "meh" on this outfit. I think the volume of the top and the skirt together is a bit much, plus I wore flats (I have to let my feet heal after all that weekend dancing and carousing!) so not quite the same lines.

But anyway...let's move on. This is my lacy sheer blouse that I last wore here earlier this month with a pencil skirt. The slimmer bottom works better as a contrast with the fullness above the peplum. I have no peplum issues, though.
The skirt is a little bubble skirt in a lovely plum shade. How fitting that it's one of the last things I bought from Plum, which used to be a favourite store of mine.
I last wore it here with my space-age jacket in early August. Note how the slim cut of the jacket balances the pouf of the skirt. I should really know better - this is just laziness on my part and not really thinking about what goes with what.

The stuff:
Probably the most comfortable shoes I own that are still appropriate for work. I last wore them with my big denim dress here.

My new copper jewelry:
I love the glow of copper.

Ah, I'll try again tomorrow. I have an easy outfit picked.

Top (Annalee & Hope, thrifted), cami (Mexx), skirt (Plum), shoes (Artisan by Clark's, consignment), belt (Brave Belts, thrifted), copper jewelry (Judith Hirczy).


  1. Pretty darn awesome for low effort! That is a gorgeous top - I especially like how the waist and peplum are in the "correct" place and scale - the vast majority of new ones are so high-waisted and short-stiff-ruffled that they look very weird to me, even though I love a classic peplum!

    Hope tomorrow's outfit brings you more satisfaction.

  2. Your copper jewelry is stunning Sheila. What a gorgeous colour to wear. Why don't we wear copper jewelry more often?? Things that make you go hmm...

  3. The copper jewelry is so gorgeous! The earrings remind me of big splashy cymbals.

  4. I really like that skirt! I think you look lovely, even if it feels a little off to you. Some days are just like that. But the wonderful thing is, tomorrow is a new day with different clothes! :)

  5. Nothing lazy from this angle! I really like this lacy top, and your copper jewelry.

  6. I have an almost-identical skirt. I find that thrilling. My dream is to become as good a dresser as you. Unrealistic, I know, but we need to set a goal somewhere. Your top is darn cute, too. I hope you enjoy the upcoming long weekend.

  7. I love the peplum top - I agree a more fitted bottom maybe works better with it, but I do still like the skirt, especially the pretty color! The weekend is almost here, we can make it!

  8. nice top

  9. Love the top and the skirt--but yeah you're right--they looked better with other pieces in previous outfits!!
    For a low maintenance outfit it beats wearing your pjs in public like some folk do!!

    Have a fab long weekend--we have one here, too!!

  10. Perfect as always. Beautiful lace peplum. The copper jewelry is so pretty. Have a nice weekend.

  11. Oh i see you wore your new jewelry right a way!

  12. Oh I love your jewellery, it looks so pretty. I like both the top and skirt but agree they are both floofy so perhaps work better with closefitting stuff. But still a good look for not-quite-hitting the spot!


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