Thursday, August 15, 2013

Zebra, Floral and Suede

I love all the suggestions for future monochrome outfits! White (yup, several options there), pink (ooh, very tough - I don't have pink shoes!), green (kind of already did that here for St. Patrick's Day), and an all-monochrome week in a rainbow of colours! Wow, you guys really challenge me. 

Today's outfit: not monochrome.
But I definitely did stick to neutrals, with cream, olive and brown.

I'd forgotten about this jacket, since it has to get dry-cleaned periodically and so I throw it into the Laundry Bag of Doom and then it's like the Bermuda Triangle until one day I notice that there's something in the bag and I go, "Oh yeah, I have an awesome cream blazer."

I last wore it here in March with my plastic shoes (Vivienne Westwood!).
Second wear of the blouse since I got it in July - this brings my cost per wear down to $2.50. I wore it here with chartreuse.
Isn't the cut of the jacket great?

The skirt is indeed suede - I do enjoy wearing leather and suede in the summer. It's not hot to wear at all! That fake "pleather" and PVC is horrid in hot weather. I last wore the skirt here in May with teal and yellow (and a scabby knee).

The stuff:
Oh, I love these shoes so much, but they are getting rather beat up. I last wore them here in April with mint green and grey. I've had them since June 2008 (check out my first outfit in them!) and they've held up really well.

The bling things:

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (Coldwater Creek, thrifted), skirt (Danier, thrifted), shoes (Hale Bob), belt (Club Monaco), green ring/bracelet (consignment), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), earrings (Plum).


  1. Oooh it's not monochrome, but that blouse does look amazing with that olive skirt. I never could jive with lined skirts in summer. It's just too hot in the South.

  2. Really like the skirt and blouse together, they pair beautifully and the white jacket is a nice topping piece :)

    I would love to see you do a rainbow week with a different monochrome outfit every day! :D

  3. The word chic comes to mind when I look at this outfit - I think it's the neutrals, they look very sleek and stylish! :-D

  4. All such nice pieces, lovely together - excellent suede skirt!

    I've got a big pile for the cleaner's too, starting to rival my Mending Mountain, uh oh!

  5. It's not monochrome, but it's the same colour family!

  6. Ladylike with a kick! Love those shoes - and the suede skirt has me longing for a few cooler days. You look terrific, Sheila.

  7. Very chic and smart. You look like you mean business today, Sheila!
    Just went back to catch up on your last post - love the red/brocade/leather combination. I vote a monochrome week too, you pick the colours! Go on, you know you can't resist the challenge! xxxxx

  8. I really like this outfit a lot, is something I would wear if I had it!! Looks great!

  9. Your dry clean bag = my handwashing bag.

    I like this look, very chic xx

  10. whew catching up on everyone....LOVE this outfit--that blouse is really stunningand the red accents are fantastic.
    And THE SHOES ::::DROOL::::


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