Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lace Peplum and Grey

After yesterday's vibrancy, I've gone all neutral today. Must give everyone's eyes a rest, ha ha! 
I was excited to wear this newly-thrifted (last weekend) lace top today. However, I was groggy this morning, and actually forgot what I had planned to wear and had another hastily-prepared outfit actually on (a dress, if you're wondering - the best thing to throw on when you don't know what to wear) when I noticed this outfit nicely folded and ready to go.

Good thing I noticed.
I layered a grey cami underneath the top, and went with a plain dark grey pencil skirt (last worn here for L's stepdad's funeral in June).
The skirt is elasticated at the waist - just meant for a bigass belt!

The stuff:
I have a big scratch on one foot from "someone" who got a little excited about being ejected from my closet the other night - I have to wear shoes that don't rub against it while it heals. These are my uber-comfy kitten heels, last seen here (3rd outfit) a couple of weekends ago for Nick's birthday with my strapless 80s dress.

Bling things:
The belt and buckle are by Shi Studio - I bought them in September 2009 (along with a whack of other Shi Studio things at their studio) as a birthday present to myself. I first wore this belt here. Hey, those are the shoes I meant to wear today.

The cuff and earrings are very old - my Grandma J gave them to me when I was about 17, fresh out of high school and newly started at university. They are silver and Mexican obsidian and are likely from the 50s or 60s. I've seen cheap knock-offs of the cuff in antique shops and fairs (usually without the little faces, just squares) that are not as heavy or well-carved, but I've never seen the matching earrings.
The Mexican obsidian has flashes of gold in it. These are screw-on earrings, so a bit tricky to wear!

Blouse (Annalee & Hope, thrifted), cami (RW & Co.), skirt (Plum), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), cuff/earrings (vintage, Grandma J).


  1. What a pretty blouse. I really love this outfit + accessories.

  2. I really like that top layered over the pencil skirt! Glad you switched too it, it's a very nice outfit :)

  3. I love peplums and I love lace so I love this top! Like how you've accessorised with the belt and low heeled pumps. Your jet jewellery brings out the Victorian vibe of the cream lace.

  4. Tell L that he should stay out of your closet because he has plenty of nice duds of his own. ;)

  5. Looks great, I especially like the belt :)

  6. I thought that blouse was going to look great - and indeed it does! Love those earrings, aren't they beautiful?
    You look very chic and put together for someone who feels groggy, so well done! xxx

  7. Really pretty blouse! Love the special jewelry set too.

  8. I knew this top would be fab! Love this look and your family jewelry is really special.

  9. The mexican obsidian jewelry is to die for--just gorgeous!!
    i love how you styled the lace top with the charcoal grey. It looks like you'lto wear the top quite a bit-it's really cute!!

    be able y

  10. Beautiful! I was so excited to see how you'd style the lace peplum and you did not disappoint! It looks fantastic on you!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. You look beautiful and elegant. Lovely jewelry too.

  12. I do love those kitten heels!! I love when a great outfit just makes itself known. Kismet!

  13. What a nice outfit. Even the absence of color works by creating an attractive palette of greys.

  14. I love those obsidian pieces. They're stunning! And great lacy blouse! Thanks for your comment this week xx

  15. Love the look! I have exact the same bracelet with blue stones- Amazing!


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