Friday, August 16, 2013

Casual Friday - Now With More Bustle

Happy Friday! I have pizza on the horizon, along with an evening of board games with L, so let's get 'er done.

I like to challenge myself to wear things that are "out there" or different than what you see all the time. Yesterday's outfit was nice, but "normal" compared to today's. Casual Friday is a nice chance for me to wear some of my different things, like this wonderfully odd shirt. It's hard to see, but it is actually striped red on white (not a pale pink). I last wore it here with the same shoes in April.

This is what I am looking at in the above picture:
Fog! You can barely see the tower of the castle behind the trees. It was foggy until about noon, but now the sun is out. It will be a lovely sunny weekend, I'm sure!

Okay, back on topic. I adore the bustled hemline of this blouse. So unusual.
The skirt is my tulip-shaped denim one, last seen here in April with two-tone boots and floral.
I wore these white and black floral knee-highs just for fun - I love the extra oomph a patterned leg adds.

The stuff:
Much badassery, heh heh. The shoes are my Sencha Teapots, last worn with chartreuse here in June.

Badass bling:
My dark red patent thrifted leather belt cinched it all in, and my usual collection of punk accents (mostly homegrown vintage).

I hope your weekend is less foggy and more fun!

Blouse (Linea Domani), skirt (OptionElle, consignment), shoes (Sencha Teapots, Fluevog), belt (Club Monaco, thrifted), cuff (Guess, thrifted), studded cuff/rings/snake pin (all 80s vintage), earrings (local).


  1. Really like the hemline of your shirt, and the print on your tights!

    Shame about the fog, hope it doesn't stay like that all weekend for you!

  2. Love that shirt! I'm a fan of the bustle as a shape in clothing.

  3. Now THIS I like. If I had every piece, I'd wear them ALL ('cept maybe the shoes.....)

  4. Love that blouse! Belting it like that really enhances that fun shape.

  5. Love this Victorian-modern look! Great hose and shoes too. Hope your weekend is sublime. xox

  6. Ooh, love this! Always a fan of the unusual! You've paired gorgeous colours and created a tremendously cool silhouette. Awesome!

  7. Wow what a lovely lovely blouse . Absolutely beautiful. The hemline is amazing. Gorgeous. And for the bad ass bling. Loooooove it. And now I have this song in my head ;-)
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Ooh, that's a foggy start, hope the day brightened up.
    The shirt hem is lovely, and the patterned knee-highs and deep red accessories look great.
    Have a good weekend! xxxx

  9. Friday pizza should be a law, in my view.

    I think that bustle top is one of my favourite tops of yours. It fits you beautifully and the below-waist draping is just right.

  10. Oooh love that drapey top. I miss foggy days! Now that I'm living up off the river we don't have as many around here. I love your little curled snake pin, how cute!

  11. The blouse is gorgeous--such an unusual sillohuette-i love how you styled it!


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