Monday, August 19, 2013

Put on a Red Dress

Monday already, but it's a short week for me: I'm taking Friday and next Mon/Tues off! Of course, that means this week will be a scramble to get everything ready for a temp to sit at my desk, but it'll be worth it to have some time off! 

I thought about doing a monochromatic week, but I'll save that for a full 5-day week. However, this is kind of all one colour, right?
It's a red dress! It is one a wardrobe favourite - if I had less clothes, I'd probably wear it more, but who am I kidding? Less clothes? Not gonna happen.
"Are you wearing those shoes?"
I last wore this dress here in February with a shirt layered under it, and an obi over it. This time, I kept it all simple and just went with matchy bronze accessories.
The colour hasn't come out right in this picture, but Vizzini is just too funny.

The stuff:
My bronzy Ralph Lauren pumps, last seen here in July with a dotty wrap dress.

Lots of big bling:
Coolest belt and necklace ever, both from Mom.

Dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), belt/necklace (gifts from Mom), bracelet (About Tine), earrings (Plum), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl).


  1. Hi Sheila! That red is stunning on you! And I like the bronze with it! Awwww, love all the little birds there. Enjoy your time away this weekend, and don't let the busyness swallow you up before you can get away!


  2. I think that this is one of my top 10 outfits of yours. Very nice.

  3. Vizzini's highly dramatic responses are priceless! :) Great dress, and I love all the bronze with it - your swallow necklace is always amazing.

  4. You look so fabulous! I love that dress and your accessories!

  5. Gorgeous red dress! I know what you mean though. I've only worn my red dress once. I hope I'll be more drawn to it when it's layering season.

  6. Such a nice red dress, it's a lovely piece. I really like those bronze accessories with it too - they work well with the dress and each other :)

  7. Fab dress! and I really like that necklace whenever I see it on you. Vizzini has a hungry for your shoes : >

  8. I think a good red dress is like a basic little black dress! Every woman should have one in her closet! I love the bronze accessories. And the looks on Vizzini's face!

  9. That is a gorgeous color on you!!! I love the bronzy accents!!
    and of course Vizzini is just too CUTE!!

  10. "Less clothes. Not going to happen." Music to my ears. Isn't it wonderful to know ourselves so thoroughly?

    The red dress with bling and bronzy shoes have made today a brighter day!

  11. That's a great dress, simple in the best way - strong colour and shape, no fuss. And the belt and bird necklace add just the right amount of detail lovely! xxxx

  12. Love everything about this outfit but that necklace is the best necklace...ever. Hope you enjoy your super long weekend!

  13. Lovely outfit. Especially the necklace. It gives it some POW!


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