Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hypno-Dress, a Pink Dress Passed, and Hawaiian Redux

Whenever I have a "miss" on an outfit, I generally bounce back the same way every time: I wear a dress.
As we get close to the end of summer - let's not rush things, we still have 3-4 weeks to go! - I'm looking through my wardrobe and seeing what I did or didn't wear. This dress hasn't been worn since the August 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it twice, here and here.
This is basically a copy of that last outfit, with different shoes.

The cardi pulls out another wear this summer, last seen here with my turquoise origami dress in June.
The whole outfit was comfy and easy to wear. I admit I was considering putting the dress into the swap pile, but like my jammy dress, it's so nice to have an orphan dress where you just wear the same thing every time. You don't have to think too hard, and you know you'll feel and look good.

The stuff:
I love the colour of these shoes - they're a great neutral for me, much moreso than a beige shoe.

Cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), dress (Planet, thrifted), shoes (Jump For the People, consignment), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

So remember back in July when I got some of my Aunt Kathy's mom's stuff from the 70s? Of course you do, but allow me refresh your memory (scroll down). I got this fabulous Hawaiian dress, remember?
Mom sent me the pictures she took when I first tried it on for size. This dress fit perfectly. I might have to wear that again this weekend (I last wore it here).

But what I didn't mention then is that I tried on another dress (and a fuzzy hat) while I was there:
My boob is looking at you.
I know! Isn't it amazing? High neck, fitted waist with crystal brooch, the row of ruffles from shoulder to floor - and it has a wrap front with a slit up to the knee. Pepto Pink!

"But Sheila," you're saying, "Why haven't we seen you wear this glorious and amazing dress this summer?"

It was WAY too tight. I barely got it done up and it was so tight it gave me Boobular Mass. Sorry, only my sportsbra is permitted to do that. And the neck was very choky and tight (gak!). It was also stained (and it didn't look like the stains would come out), and super heavy and hot to wear. I reluctantly left it for donation. It's all about the karma. Someone else will find it and love it.

But isn't it beautiful? I'm so glad I have this picture to remember it by.


  1. Woah you are right, that dress is glorious! I have a silver dress that was my great grandmother's. I can't even wear a bra with it, it's so tight across the chest, and breathing is not an option, haha. I kept it though, because it is so lovely.

    I like your cropped yellow cardigan/shrug. Something about that type of cut is so appealing. Great combination with the neutral shoes!

  2. That pepto pink dress is fabulous - what a shame about it being too tight. But if you can't wear it I guess as you say it's better to let someone else get wear out of it.
    Love the lilac dress and the crop yellow cardi together.

  3. That pink dress is beautiful, hopefully someone will find it fits them perfectly! :)

    Really like your purple dress too, glad you're keeping it :)

  4. Yes, gorgeous 70's maxis! I love that era for its great prints and colors. Sad that the pink one couldn't stay, but you're right, it will get loved.

  5. The last dress really does look fantastic - but I too dislike things that are too choky in the neck, so I completely understand passing it up! I bet it was fun to dress up in just for a little bit though! The hat is cute too!

  6. The lavender dres is gorgeous and yes it's not a bad thing to have a "standard" outfit you wear the same way everytime. Good for one of "those days"

    I can't wait to see you wear the hawaiin dress--it's just fantastic!!

    It's a shame about the pink dress because style and color wise it's gorgeous on you!!

  7. My jaw dropped - the last long fuchsia dress, yes the one where your boob's looking straight at me - it's just spectacular!!!!!!!!!
    the length, the color.... the side brooch.
    I am sooo sorry it did not fit.

  8. Sometimes you do just need a great dress that speaks for itself.

    The great thing about having digital cameras is we can keep photos of stuff that didn't work out! That pink dress is fun, but hopefully someone else got the thrifting karma. I just donated a bunch of stuff that I just hadn't gotten to altering. Hopefully it'll make someone's day to discover the things I let go.

  9. Oh such a shame the ruffled pink one didn't work out, but what a fabulous picture to remember it by! Perfectly posed, as I would expect.. The one that fitted is a beauty though x


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