Monday, August 5, 2013

Long, Long Weekend Edition: Pink Satin, Dresses and Purple Flutters

Hey, blogosphere, how was your weekend? Up in Canada, this is a long weekend - most provinces had a stat holiday (BC Day here in British Columbia, aka BC). So, after a leisurely and relaxing weekend, here I am looking at another week coming. 

Friday seems so long ago! But this is what I wore.
My lovely pink satin silk skirt was back from the tailor - a new waistband and zipper cost $40. Ouch. I am not entirely sure that this skirt was worth it, but only time will tell. I purchased the skirt here for $7.00.
Yeah, I couldn't be bothered to iron it, plus it got a lot of wrinkles during the day on Friday. I defrosted the mini fridge, so it got wet and I did a lot of kneeling while jabbing a knife into the block of ice that was the freezer. I love my job.

The vest hasn't been worn since March, here, when I put it with my black suede maxi skirt.
I last wore this tie-front floral blouse here in April, on a very party-heavy weekend. The shoes were last worn for L's birthday weekend carousing here in early June.

I am totally late for the Hat Attack! party over at Judith's. I love hats, though, and if I could have worn one all day, it would have been this one.
Happy Hat Attack!

After work on Friday, I headed out to a pub with some coworkers to send off one of our Admins. Much fun (and bus-riding) ensued.

Vest (Part Two, consignment), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (April Cornell, thrifted), shoes (Chie Mihara), earrings (local), rings (Wendy Brandes).

We finally had enough people for a game of Ultimate on Saturday morning, so I scouted out the closet for something presentable to wear.
"Where are the edible shoes?"
My closet is a bit of a mess right now - I'm in the home stretch of my spring/summer wardrobe, and will be doing a big cull in early September. I'll be hosting a big swap party for coworkers and friends, so I know my stuff will go to a good home! For those readers who've asked, I don't sell my stuff online, but if there's ever an item that you covet, let me know. If I remove it from my wardrobe, I'll send it to you.

I ended up with this super-stretchy dress over a camisole and slip. You can't even tell I have a sports bra on!
I last wore this dress here in April for Forbidden Dress Week!
The shoes are my wonderfully comfy Wonders Ayers, last seen here in May with a mushroom skirt.

Our game was intense! We had very evenly-matched teams and it went on for nearly 2 hours. I am still feeling sore today from all the sprinting, but it's a good sore.

After brunch out with the gang after the game, L and I came home and napped for a bit. It was our friend Nick's birthday so we walked to town and hung out in a pub all night with between 8 and 15 of our friends. A good drunken time was had by all!
I felt like being very visible so I did this fun strapless 80s party dress, last seen here back in February with a Smoking Lily jacket.

This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Thanks for hosting, Patti!
I wore my black satin stomacher over it, with a skinny turquoise belt over that.
I like to show my ink.

There was no way I could do heels with this after such a physical morning, so I stuck with my black kitten heels, last seen here in July with my now-gone pink satin jacket.
It always gets cold here in the evenings - there is a chilly breeze off the ocean at night - so I wore my just-dry-cleaned black blazer as cover-up. I last wore it in May, here (2nd outfit). The purse is an old vintage one I've had for over 10 years.

The stuff:
 A little simple bling, including my leather cuff.
And of course, my Wendy Brandes rings. 

Dress (AJ Bari for Saks Fifth Avenue, vintage 80s, thrifted), jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), cuff (Guess, thrifted), belt (Bianca Nygard), earrings (local), lapis lazuli/Fulvia rings (Wendy Brandes).

L looked very dashing in his outfit, so I took a picture.
I love the teal skinny pants with the pale blue shoes. Nicely done!

Yesterday/Sunday, we spent most of the day chillin' and watching NFL stuff on TV, then played boardgames last night.

After a bit of a sleep-in this morning, we went for brunch, then spent a couple of hours buying L two new suits for work. I stayed loose and casual.
This skirt is one of my favourites: silk, purple, fluttery ends. Love!

I last wore this skirt (with these same shoes) here in May while recovering from beer-induced hives. I wore the shoes here (last outfit) on L's birthday weekend for a day off too. I guess they are my "day off" shoes!
The tunic top and the drapey cardigan were last worn together with jeans, here, in May when I was first hit by the hops hives.
A pretty simple outfit, and just right for strolling around town on a sunny holiday Monday.

The stuff:
 Nothing terribly fancy. But, what's that...[cue "Jaws" theme]

L bought me this in the Migration Boutique - it's locally made, and was $20. I like sharks.

Cardigan (Alternative Apparel, thrifted), tunic (Dex), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment), earrings (Plum), cuff (SkinZnHydez). 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and that your Monday was short. And hey, check this out - Megan of MMD did an awesome sketch:
That's me on the bottom (I wish I really looked that good!) - thanks, Megan!


  1. Gorgeous ensembles all! I think the pink silk skirt was worth the expense. I love the color, shine and length.

    Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack. It will be an ongoing series and will be featured the first day of every month. I'm very excited that you have more hats photos to submit. But I'm not surprised!

  2. I love all your beautiful clothes, but that first one is amazing! I've wanted a denim vest for forever and they are so hard to find!!

    <3 Isn't Megan the best? I think so.

  3. So glad you made the decision to keep/tailor that strapless dress... it is wonderful!

  4. L is always so snazzy! Kudos for snagging a stylish fella, Sheila. I always love that jersey dress of yours. That stomacher really adds a cool effect over the strapless dress!! I forgot it wasn't like the originally for a moment.

  5. I love that soft pink swirly satin too. I hope you grow to love it after the investment. And what a great sister skirt in the fluttery purple silk.
    Then your structured side looks smashing as well in that stripey dress - great idea to wear the stomacher and belt with it. I agree that L looks smashing.
    Glad you up and active. Isn't the evening breeze welcome after a hot but invigorating summer day?
    Megan's "doodles" are fantastic!

  6. Hats are for gals with panache. You got panache. Hence, hats look good on you.

    Your hubby could have his own fashion blog -- he looks great!

  7. Love your drinks outfit - that strapless dress is beautiful! Sounds like you had a busy but lovely long weekend :)

  8. I agree with Shybiker, L. could have his own blog, what a stylish guy! Love all your looks of course, and thanks for sharing the hot-hot strapless number at Visible Monday. xoxox

  9. Love that purple skirt! I have a black one just like it from J Jill. Also, I used to shop at Le Chateau in the 90s when it was all about Deee-Lite-inspired fashion and raves. I especially remember a tri-cornered black hat that I really wanted from them...

  10. So much awesome in one post! I can't decide which outfit is my favorite! L is looking quite dashing, you are right about that. I love Vizzini in your closet too, very cute!

  11. All fantastic clothes and stuff! I do like that second dress, and the colors, although muted, look so good on you. The double straps on the shoes are similar to some that Judith is wearing on the SC.

    Love the shark ring! I still haven't quite figured out what a Sharknado is.

  12. FANTASTIC each and every outfit!! I think altering the pink skirt was worth it--i could see it maybe Steam-punk'd up a bit!!

    your 80's dress is fab--just needed bright stiletto's with ankle socks and a teased up perm!!

    The purple skirt is jusr AMAZING!!!

    I must say L looked mighty fine in his teal pants--but Vizzini will always beat him out in the style deptpartemnt. How can you best someone in apermanent fur tux with an adorable face?

  13. This here is such a fine collection of gorgeous unique skirts. I really like the handkerchief hem on the pink one in a different fabric. I am thinking the wrinkling could totally be part of the look. I have a shirt that is deliberately rumpled as part of the design, and it recommends twisting it up and storing it all smooshed to keep it that way.

    A question regarding your closet clean-up, if I may. How would be the best way to let you know if there's an item I covet? In the comments in which it is featured in one of your outfits? And how rude is it if there are kind of... a lot of them because I love your taste in clothes. >.>

    And Val, the best proposal I've read for a follow-up film is Cigar Afficionado, a tornado that goes around picking up cigar afficionados.

    1. Hi, Aya, thanks for your question about my closet clean-up. Leave a comment on the post with the item, so that I know exactly what you're interested in - you can also drop me an email (it's in my profile).

      Also, my size...I think I am bigger than you! Most of my bottoms are a size 8 US, and most of my tops are around the same. Shoes are a size 9-9.5 US.

      It's not rude - but understand that I might not get rid of any or many of the items you love. :) However, I'll keep you in mind for the future.

    2. Of course!

      I'm temporarily smaller because early this year, school stepped on me and has not lifted its boot heel. I'm supposed to be around a size 6, 8 at the shoulders, and will be working on regaining my mass when I have time to eat/sleep/exercise again. Stupid stress.

  14. I don't even know where to start commenting on this post!
    Ok, yes I think 40 for tailoring is a lot of money... then again i do hope you get your money's worth.
    You look fab in that hat-
    I laugh when you write what your cat is thinking... because I can totally relate as I can read my pets' minds too.
    Your 80's strapless dress is amaaaaazing and i love how very creative you got with it... 2belts!
    I had no idea that Maegan Mae was such an artist, i'ts a beautiful drawing,

  15. So many fabulous looks, Sheila!
    Love the strapless and stretchy dresses, the purple swirly skirt is a beauty, and as always, you have the shoes and jewellery for any and every occasion! Love the shark ring.
    L is a stylish fella, he looks great! xxxx

  16. Megan got you just right, and you look that good and better! Love all the outfits, love Vizzini, and so happy you had a good weekend. Pretty patterned dress ... classic with black, and cannot ignore the beautiful purple skirt ...lush!
    Ummm... so glad you love your shark ring.

    ...yikes! ...

  17. I love your purple skirt, it works so well with the longertop and sandals. The pink skirt, whilst not quite as lovely as the purple one, is in the same swooshy family so I hope the alterations pay off. It would have been tricky altering the slippery fabric (says a sew-er!).

    The closet cleanout sounds fun, it'll be good to hear whats leaving, and why...

    Your party outfit is spot on too! A very stylish weekend xx


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