Monday, August 12, 2013

Monochrome Monday - My Own Sunshine

My dear and long-time blog-friend Lorena (go say hi, she's lovely and we've been friends for nearly 5 years) asked me the other day, when I wore this blue and black outfit, if I had a blue skirt to try a full-on monochromatic look. I do have a blue skirt - and I'll certainly try an all-blue look at some point - but when I found this yellow jacket this past weekend, I knew I would have to do yellow as my first monochrome outfit. 
I was actually really pleased with how this turned out. What do you think?

The jacket is a gorgeous fit, totally what I expected for quality from Holt Renfrew. I was crowing all day about my great deal in finding this for $24.95 in a thrift store!
The skirt is one I've had for a couple of years, purchased for only $9.50 on the clearance rack at My Sister's Closet. I last wore it here with black and blue in March.
I also got the (barely visible) yellow cami that I'm wearing underneath the jacket at the same store, also a few years ago.

Today was a challenging day, but not awful. I always feel good in yellow. I think it's my power colour, even though I'd like to think that red is. Go, yellow!

The stuff:
I'm walkin' on sunshine!
I nearly went with a more delicate shoe, but I ended up with these monstrous Disco Dutch shoes anyway. I felt like a point shoe or strappy shoe would make this outfit a little too "old lady". I'm not there yet, let's not push it.

Yellow bling:
So many shades of yellow! I really enjoyed this experiment in monochromatic dressing. It's something new for me and I am excited to try it again. Thank you, Lorena, for the fantastic suggestion! I love how we bloggers and readers and lovers of fashion can inspire each other.

Jacket (Holt Renfrew, thrifted), cami (RW & Co., consignment), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog), brooch/bakelite earrings (vintage, thrifted).

Officer Vizzini was out on the prowl this morning.
The seagulls have been nesting on the roofs of the neighbouring apartment buildings (and on our condo's roof), and the young'uns are starting to fly. It's driving Vizzini insane. I think they must be taunting him in a special seagull/cat language. He thumps his tail on the window, and they screech at him.


  1. This look is amazing and makes me want to try a monochromatic look too! :)

  2. Loving the all yellow outfit, Sheila! I think it's a great colour, and under-used, lots of women seem scared of it but I like it. Great fit on the jacket, and I agree that the chunky shoes give a funkier look.
    Just been reading your previous posts (been away and have sooooo many posts to catch up on!) - you look so good in the flowy and floofy skirts/dress. Looking forward to seeing that lace blouse in action too. As always, your jewellery is envy-inducing, and Vizzini is a star! xxxx

  3. Ooo, the jacket is gorgeous on, great collar! I'm happy to see your finds right away, I could barely stand it during the Challenge and still don't know how you managed to wait to wear such great stuff!

    I love old ladies madly but know what you mean about "old lady" - when leaning that way with an outfit, my internal words are "prim" and "ready for church." Wicked shoes to the rescue!

  4. Love this! Now you're inspiring me to try a monochromatic look too. I think you're right about the shoes - they're cool and funky and keep the outfit from being "First Lady". You go, Vizzini, keep the condo safe from invading gulls!

  5. Love this monochrome yellow outfit on you! Yellow is definitely your colour :)

  6. Good call on the shoes - they make the outfit very Sheila! That neckline on the jacket is amazing.

  7. Yellow is a power color! I think it has the ability to turn a bad day around for sure. I love the jacket/skirt pairing, they're made for each other!!

  8. WOW--I LOVE it!! that jacket is even more amazing on--and with the Dutch Disco shoes of fabulousness no less!!!

    You definitele are rocking the yellow!!
    Poor Officer Vizzini--the indignations he must suffer as he patrols his domain from those evil seagulls!

  9. Thank you for the heads up and YES this TOTALLY WORKS !
    Its all different textures and patterns I am sure you made many peoples' days a lot brighter :)

  10. This works so well! You are a sunshine goddess. You must have been giving off rays of light. The shoes are just right, like you say, making the look non-traditional. Now do blue please!

    Thanks for the link to Lorena, I like her style.

  11. (Think blogger ate my comment)

    The sunshine look is spot-on! You mst have been giving off rays of light at work. Sorry to hear it was a challenging day. Can you do monochrome blue now please? Or red?

    Thanks for the link to Lorena's blog, I like her style

  12. Meow! And just what would pookie DO with that seagull if he got his paws on it?! Ha!
    I do love a good bit of all over monochrome! Every shade and tone covered! Yellow is a fave colour of mine and you are rocking it! Those shoes are amazing!

  13. Fluevogs really do make the outfit, but this whole look is totally gorgeous! All my favorite sunny yellows!

    I've been terribly laggy with my blog reading for the past week - my health has just totally blown me over. Hope you and L are doing well!

  14. Love the monochromatic outfit! of course you would start with a 'neutral' like yellow ;-) can't wait to see what other monochromatic outfits you pull together. xx

  15. What a gorgeous outfit and those shoes are amazing!! ~Heather


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