Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Red, Black and a Shoe Banishment

Work is so dead this week; a huge chunk of our staff are on vacation over the next few weeks. Less people means less work for me. It's kind of nice, though, as my work is usually insanely busy. I get to recharge a little bit.
Today felt like a Monday! And what do we do on Mondays? We wear a dress! Well, sometimes we do.

This is my lovely black shirtdress, last seen here a couple of weeks ago with blue and birds.
Today, it's all about pops of red! One of my favourite layering pieces is this awesome vintage red slip - I bought it on consignment in 2010 and I've had such fun layering it under other dresses. What? Examples? Oh, okay.

  • July 2010: At the time, this was my favourite outfit I'd ever created. Realizing I could layer things was mind-boggling! There's a picture of just the slip there so you can see what it looks like.
  • October 2010: It was the perfect layer for my Mad Hatter Hallowe'en costume!
  • February 2011: As a red layer under a brown lace dress for Valentine's Day.
  • April 2011: A much-needed cover-up under my Smoking Lily wrap dress.
  • July 2011: Under my cowgirl plaid dress - I loved that shirtdress.
  • November 2011 (2nd outfit): Worn for warmth (and showing off by lifting the hem) with my awesome plaid dress.
  • December 2011: Just the ruffled hem showed underneath this dress during the Invasion of Dress Week!
  • August 2012: With a beige shirtdress - a very similar outfit to today's, but I turfed the dress. Such a bad colour on me.
  • September 2012: Layered under a polka dot dress for Dress Week of Horrors!
  • October 2012: As part of my Steampunk Vampire Killer costume (and scene of the crime of the Worst Hangover Ever).

I'm pretty sure I've worn it more than that, but sometimes I'm too lazy to look up and tag the brand when I write my posts. Heh.

The stuff:
Hello, sexy shoes! I last wore these pony-hair zebra slingbacks last August, here, for the August capsule Wild Card outfit. They were worn to a party then (I carried them to the party, and then put them on) and I noted then that they were a great party shoe...but I've only worn them 3 times total on the blog since I've had them (over 3 years). And they killed my heels and the bottoms of my feet today.

So, goodbye, sexy shoes! Off to the donate/swap pile you go!

Here's another picture of the jewelry, since my after-work picture-taking skills are blurry.
I like how nicely these separately purchased earrings go with the pin. I love copper jewelry.

And because I know you can't get enough of my blurry pictures...
 Yay, blurry cufflinks! Borrowed them from L's collection.

Anyway, the shoes. I ended up back in my socks and runners for most of the day, but as I have my WW meeting soon, I swapped over to these lovely Fluevogs:
Which you could totally see if someone wasn't rolling around on my feet. I last wore them here in July (2nd outfit) with a bunch of blue.

Dress (Talbot's, consignment), slip (Suzette Lingerie, vintage, consignment), shoes (Paolo Linea, consignment, and Presence Impulse, Fluevogs), belt (Club Monaco, thrifted), copper pin (thrifted), earrings (vintage, Renoir), cufflinks (thrifted).


  1. Oh wow, I wish fewer people meant less work for me! It's the exact opposite. I was run off my feet today! Maybe I'll channel you tomorrow, and wear my shirt dress... I love it with the red.

  2. OOOOOOOH, I love those colors together, and they look awesome on your complexion! When shoes hurt my feet, they are gone. Gone gone gone! I love the way you've layered the dress and skirt. Very pretty!


  3. Love the red slip, it looks fabulous under the shirt dress. Beautiful copper jewellery too. What a shame about the shoes, but if they hurt your feet, they aren't going to get worn and it's time to move them on. xxxxx

  4. Love the red slip, love it! I agree about shoes: hurt me and you're out of here : >

  5. really like the black and red together, that skirt is a wonderful layering piece! :)

    Glad you're getting to relax and go at a slower pace at work for a while - you deserve it after all the late nights you put in with the newsletters! :)

  6. Love the idea of combining two dresses. That black and red is beautiful together.

  7. Oh sad about the sexy shoes - they are so cute, but if they are painful, then they have to go. I had to do that with a pair of shoes I loved last summer too. They were so cute, but they just killed me!

  8. I love the shirtdress with the red slip--it gives it a whole new vibe!!
    shame about the awesome sexy shoes!! although ?i loved the red Fluevogs with the outfit, too!
    your copper jewelry is gorgeous!

  9. The red and black look amazing together :-D

  10. The art of layering... you are a master at it.
    I love the fact that you have worn this consignment piece over 10 times... do you know how much you paid for it ? I am always curious about cost per wear :)

    1. I think it was around $30 - I bargained down on the cost as it has little holes here and there, and some of the edging is a little ragged (I don't care, since I always wear it under things). I probably got some/most of it on trade-in for other clothes in my closet too. I guess that's pretty good cost per wear!

  11. Wow! The outfit looks just great. And by clicking through the links (as your blog is new to me I haven't seen the other outfits before, though) I got lots of inspiration from your posts. Thx bunches for inspiring me.

    What a shame that thse lovely shoes have to go. It would break my heart if I had to let go of such beauties.


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