Friday, August 9, 2013

Floofy Friday

Happy Friday! I hope your day was as floofy and flowy as mine!
The floofiness (floofiacity?) is entirely due to this wondrous cotton skirt. It is nearly a full circle skirt, and the double layers give it extra movement. It's quite fun to swoosh around in it. I last wore it here in May (2nd outfit) as part of a casual weekend ensemble.
This is my first wearing of it to work, and I was quite pleased with it. Now I'm debating whether I should keep it in my autumn/winter wardrobe. Hmmm...not sure how well the cotton would work with tights, but I could always wear a slip under it. Thoughts?

The blouse is my flies silk Smoking Lily top, also last worn in May here, only with a suede skirt and yellow shoes. I never realized that the top dips down in the front and back, which gives it a nice shape over the full skirt.
I yanked everything in at the middle with my leather obi.

The stuff:
My wonderful Teapot Darjeeling Fluevogs, last seen here in June with velvet and ruffles.

Bling bits:
I went with a steampunk aesthetic: leather cuff, an old obsidian ring I've had since the mid-80s, skull earrings and my octo-necklace.

Blouse (Smoking Lily sample), skirt (Lapis, consignment), shoes (Teapot Darjeelings, Fluevog), obi (consignment), cuff (Guess, thrifted), obsidian ring (gift from Mom & Dad, mid-80s), spoon ring (About Tine), lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (local), necklace (Raven's Rest Studio).

I hope your weekend is fully floofy!


  1. The skull earrings and the leather obi!!!! Oh gosh, I love those. ^_^ Your whole outfit looks amazing. I would say try that skirt in the fall, if you can. It's really pretty and it looks so swishy.

  2. I think it's gorgeous. It'd look amazing with a chunky knit or slouchy sweater.

  3. Look at you, with your floofiness spread all over the stairs! Fun skirt, lots of movement. I think you could definitely add a slip to wear it with tights, but it will still be beige. That said, it's a very classy color combination with the dark teal and black.

    Happy Friday!

  4. That top is beautiful with the fuller skirt! :)

    What about a tall-ish pair of boots and a slip under the skirt to make it work for cooler weather? Would negate the need for tights :)

  5. Those shoes are soooo cute! I love floofy skirts and never part with them. You should keep this one. I could see this working in cooler weather with a chunky roll knit sweater and Stevie Nicks style knee high boots.

  6. You know I love the floof! Great skirt, I bet you'll be wearing it all kinds of creative, fabulous ways. xoxo

  7. Wow--love this--I am going to semi-copy this VERY soon!!

    Definitely wear the skirt this winter--it's to flooshy not to!!

  8. The colour, shape, and hem of that top are so pretty, and the flies make it awesome. Hooray for serious floof - wonderful skirt! Though you could totally make it work out of season, I wonder if you will want to? Teeth-gnashing frustration shouldn't sully this perfect love!

  9. Bardzo podobają mi się takie spódnice:)))zawsze masz piękne buty:)))wyglądasz ślicznie:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  10. Floofalacious! Could you wear long boots under the skirt, with a slip, when it gets colder? The skirt may not get stuck on leather boots/ankle boots?


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