Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Weekend: Hat Attack! and Cat-O-Rama!

Ah, long weekends. I would be content if it just continued, but then how would we keep Vizzini in the manner to which he's become accustomed? 

We start off with Saturday morning, dressed for my quick-change at the Ultimate field.
I'm looking longingly at some of my summer clothes and thinking I must get another wear out of them before I pack it all away at the end of September. This skirt is one of those - I last wore it in May, which seems way too long ago, here with red and blue.

As I was walking down the street after lunch, a passerby said to me, "You have a great outfit!" - funny how validation from strangers feels so good.

The cardigan is one of my many trusty Kersh ones (last worn just last weekend here with emerald). I just have a plain cami underneath it, covering up my sports bra.
"Hmmm...what's in here?"
I see Someone Up To No Good! I love when I find these funny backgrounds after timer has gone off.

The shoes get another outing; they were last seen here in July (after my sailing adventure).
"Uh-oh, she spotted me."
Vizzini is always getting into something. He is the nosiest cat we've ever had.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Bedo, consignment), shoes (Prepare Guides), belt (Bianca Nygard), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), cuff (thrifted).

Totally a guilty look!
"So busted. And I didn't even get an elastic band out of it."
 We went for lunch after Ulty (a tough game - my team won, though!), and then hung out for a while at home (napping).

We weren't the only nappers.
"Soaking up the sun, like any cat would."
The leaves are starting to fall off the oak trees around our place - it's driving Vizzini nuts.
"Was that a leaf?"
I love how warm his fur is.

After some physical recovery from our morning game, I showered and got ready for Winesday! I missed the last one due to Lawrence's funeral, so it's been a long time for me. I had to send off the summer with a bang.
Woo! That's a lot of pattern.

This is my Hawaiian vintage dress, last worn on Canada Day weekend here in July.

I indulged in a pose with this thrifted 80s hat, purchased back here in June 2012 for $7.00.
Today is Hat Attack! over at the Style Crone's blog! Check out all the other wonderful headgear there!

I didn't wear the hat for Winesday, but I loved how it looked with this dress.
Such an amazing piece. I always feel like I'm wearing a work of art.

I just wore comfy flats for lounging about. I last wore them a lot last weekend here.
I wore my Fossil earrings/bracelet set and a stretchy thrifted silver bracelet, as well as my Wendy Brandes lapis lazuli ring.

Dress (Tori Richard of Honolulu for Andrade of Honolulu, vintage 60s, Joyce's), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment), bracelet/earrings (Fossil), bracelet (thrifted), ring (Wendy Brandes).

While I was waiting for my ride on Saturday night, Vizzini had moved up to the tray on his deck scratching post.
"I lounge like a boss."
I couldn't resist giving him some lovin', which prompted a huge yawn from him
"Bored now. Feed me."
I love his big sea lion whiskers, and how his black/white patterning is actually in his skin - see how it's repeated on the roof of his mouth? Big teeth and pink tongue too!

Such a sweetie.
"If you're done with the paparazzi thing, I'd like to resume my nap." 
On Sunday, L and I walked to town to get groceries and go for brunch.
I totally forgot about these white denim shorts! I haven't worn them at all this summer! I wore them 4 times in the all-neutral June 2012 capsule (recap here), and even noted them as one of the two items I couldn't wait to wear again. This is what happens when I store pants in a drawer (only dressy pants get hung in my closet).
Oh, well, I'll try to get more wear out of them over the next couple of weeks.

The top is my wonderful "Queen of the Faeries" shirt - last seen here in March as part of my bowling outfit.
I recently spotted a cheaper version of this shirt by Point Zero (mine has no label), so it could be that brand. I do love all the details on it.

The sandals were last worn here in early July for painting out in a field (scroll way down).

Shirt (no label, consignment), shorts (Contrast, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment).

No "Visible Monday" this week, as Patti is taking a well-deserved break! Hope you all had lovely naps in the sun this weekend.


  1. What a fun weekend, glad you got out those splendid clogs, followed by the Hawaiian Goddess Dress, followed by great long shorts. A sartorially gorgeous weekend! xx

  2. Beautiful cat, Shelia and I really like that black and white skirt!!

  3. I love how you've captured the guilty face, as well as the enormous yawn. Our big black cat King has a great yawn and super- white teeth : > Love your skirt and cool shoes too.

  4. Hi Sheila! The colors in that long dress are so perfect for you! Your complexion is just perfect for it! And your hair! Lots of pretty outfits there. I am suddenly in the mood for fall, but I guess there are some summer things I'll miss. :)


    PS -- As always, I love seeing cat pictures, and that's interesting about the black/white color in the skin.

  5. Terrific skirt. And cute cat.

    BTW, I saw a film today made in Toronto by a Canadian actress ("Take This Waltz"). Everytime I encounter something Canadian I think of you.

  6. It's so weird to see you in pants, let alone shorts! That's a cute outfit, but the top one is my favorite.

    I just can't decide who has the sexiest cat - you or Curtise.

  7. Such a nice long weekend! Vizzini is adorable! :) Love that last photo of him on his scratching post, he is so handsome :)

    That first outfit is my favourite too - I like the blue with the printed skirt :)

  8. Your outfits are awesome as always - but I'm loving all these Vizzini pictures! He is just the best!

  9. Love you in teal--I love it with the black and white skirt (note to self-must copy thiS)

    I adore the "busted" Vizzini pix!! There can never be too much Vizzini goodness!!

    OMG--the hawaiian maxi is just FANTASTIC!! The Print, the cut--WOW!!

    I love your shorts outfit but was a bit started by you in shorts as opposed to skirts/dresses!!

  10. I came for the hat attack, I stayed for Vizzini! Black cats have such great personalities, and his shines through the lens something fierce. Thanks for sharing. And, I do love your hat Sheila! I'm always looking for vintage hats in my local thrift shops and finding nada.

  11. I thought the same thing as the stranger did about your top outfit - perfect shape and proportions! That maxi dress is out of this world, and the hat is so great on you. Those the only kind of shorts that work for me - tricky to find! - and I dream of being as glossy as The Vizzini!

  12. Beautiful in your blues (I don't have to tell you how grand the colors look on you!)and browns as well. Lots of Vizzini shots always cheer me up too.
    Have a great week, kiddo.

  13. I'm quite distracted by Vizzini's sheer beauty!!! He is GORGEOUS!!!
    LOVE that maxi, darl, and the turquoise shoes! XXX

  14. Oh, I love the Tori Richards dress! I have one in my eBay stock and I think you've convinced me to try it on myself. I would have to agree with the people on the street who complimented the top outfit. And I would think you could wear that skirt year round.

  15. Sweetie kitty!! Gomez, my late tuxedo, had a splotchy mouth too.

    I love your black and white fence skirt. The material looks so luxe and the print is so awesome and timeless.

    I love how in the third pic Vizzini is like "Mom! There's no toys!"

  16. All of your outfits are stellar, but I am in love with the colorful Hawaiian maxi. It's the perfect amount of bold and beautiful and you wear it with panache. Your vintage hat looks like it was made for the dress. Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack!

  17. I can imagine Vizzini totally waiting for you to leave. That way he could watch some videos and have some food.
    HA! your cat is a nosey being indeed - the picture of him peeking into something in the back is sooo funny.
    You have 3 great looks here - I am personally fond of the one in the long Hawaiian dress - it's so magical and matches your back art.


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