Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mostly Monochromatic in Reds (and a Bigass Shiny Jacket)

After having so much fun with my all-yellow outfit, I went back to the well for a mostly-all red outfit today.
My reds are a mix of coral (top and toenails), true red (in leather!) and tomato red (the shoes). Instead of overwhelming everything with a red topper, I chose to focus it with this red, pink and gold brocade jacket. All red can so easily go "Valentine's" or "fireman" so I was pleased that a lot of people at work liked this outfit.

The jacket was last seen here at the end of July popping off a black leather dress.
I'm going to have to try it with a crisp white shirt at some point, maybe with my leather trousers? There is something about this brocade that calls for leather!

I last wore this fabulously soft vintage leather skirt here in June with a pink plaid jacket.
The top is a simple cami-style sweater, last seen here in June with my splatter skirt (and daisies).

The stuff:
The shoes are still in the "iffy" stage. Will I keep them? I had to re-glue the inner lining (again) this morning, and again it rolled up on me. They sound creaky. I have a feeling I'll pack them away for fall/winter and keep an eye out for a replacement pair. They're just so cool. I last wore them back here in July with my tiki skirt.

Those two little hooks in the above picture are the only bling I wore - they are gold wire earrings that I picked up in a thrift store many months ago. One could argue that my jacket is enough bling to blind the unwary.

So: monochromatically-wise, what other colours would be fun? You know I have a wardrobe full!

Jacket (Aldo, thrifted), top (Jones New York, thrifted), skirt (Ocean West, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Locale), earrings (thrifted).


  1. Smoking hot! Love that red leather skirt. I also love the simple earrings.

    Could you do an all white look?

  2. What about a pink monochromatic look? The red one looks fab :-D

  3. Oh love all of the shades of red in this, they work so well together. You have a real knack for wearing colour. I don't think I'd even have the pieces to pull off a monochrome look. Unless it was blue of course, haha!

  4. We tend to shy away from monochrome, thinking that we need color-contrast, but you prove that thinking wrong. This (and the yellow outfit) is perfect. Very stylish and aesthetically appealing. The fact that you constantly experiment and explore new fashion territory impressed the heck out of me. It makes your blog a long-term staple in my life.

  5. I see you continue with monochrome looks :)
    There is something about this jacket that just screams lux, beauty, lady, glam, princess.... I cannot tell you how much I love this garment.

  6. Love this outfit--that jacket is just so freakin' amazing!!
    I vote for a green monochromatic look!!

  7. Fantastic combo!! Pink and red is one of my very favorite mixes, and that jacket is sublime.

  8. I like the monochrome plus look today. Very chic! And I challenge you to do a monochrome week! The full rainbow... :)

  9. (catching up) What about a mustard look? You do Autumnal so well.

    This outfit is a beauty. Quite randomly,. I remember that the gondolas in Venice had red velvet upholstered seats, in this outfit I can see you reclining beautifully in a gondola, with fizz!

  10. This is a gorgeous look - Love the jacket, it's amazing!


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