Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jul 31st - Outfit #34 - B-Girl and Boots

And here we are on the last day of July! Although this yellow dress wasn't part of my first outfit of July, it was the focus of the first outfit I wore to work this month (here).
It's such a glorious yellow! I had originally intended to do the black jacket over this, but it was too warm out today. So yeah, layering another skirt underneath it was maybe not such a good idea...The infamous "floofy underskirt" (last worn here) is not part of the capsule - I've never worn it on its own, only underneath other skirts and dresses. I've had it for about 3 years. It has no label, and was $24? from My Sisters's Closet.

I last wore this dress here, the day the stained glass shoes disintegrated on my feet - also the day that my new flat red Fluevogs arrived by mail.

I'm wearing my black stomacher (last seen here) over the dress, with a skinny yellow belt over that. One of Megan's buttonflowers is anchoring the long end of the belt in place. How handy!
Someone said I looked like a bee today
The black sandals were last worn here. They've been a good workhorse in this month's wardrobe. Well done, stalwart black sandals!

That's my black and white scarf that I thrifted here for $6.00.

The stuff:
Both rings are from Club Monaco - marked down to $9.00 each, I believe. I've had them for just over a year. The earrings are actually stone, and I got them at Plum prior to it closing in early 2011.

Dress (Calvin Klein), stomacher (InWear), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), scarf (thrifted, Karin), earrings (Plum), rings (Club Monaco).

And how much of a coincidence is it that the last time I wore this yellow dress, a pair of Fluevogs arrived in the mail? Check it out - I ordered these fabulous boots online and they arrived today!
These are the Prepare Volunteers*, in grey wool. Yes, WOOL, thick felted wool. They are fully lined in leather, and yes, they're the same Fluevog family as my most awesomely awesome turquoise Guides (seen here, this past weekend, 2nd outfit). I don't have any grey boots, and when I saw that these were marked down to $199, I jumped at them. I love getting the height from the platform without it actually being higher than a 1.5" heel.

They also have them on sale in a lovely orangey-caramel colour (but the black is still full price). I adore the slouchy ankles on them and they are SO comfortable.

I can't wait to put these into a fall/winter capsule! Eee!

*I link because I love - I got a couple of free buttons included in the box with the boots, but I don't receive any discounts or freebies for linking to Fluevog. 

FYI, this month's recap post will be delayed until sometime this weekend. They take a long time to write.


  1. Sheila, I love that! So pretty! Love the layer that shows from underneath the yellow. One of my favorite things to do -- add a layer underneath a dress. You look great.

    Lynn a.k.a. Dylan

  2. This is just a stunning dress!

  3. Oooh! So excited that your boots have arrived already. You look like a perfect summer day in that sassy yellow! xx

  4. Adorable yellow outfit, the petticoat is the *perfect* touch. And those boots? Fantastic. I'm sure you'll wear them a ton in fall.

  5. Aaaaaaaieeeeeee! I literally gasped out loud at the boots. Okay, I have to admit I was really skeptical of the Prepare family of shoes, but my eye has adjusted to their funky shape and I'm loving them. The new boots totally go with your style. They've got a modern "disco" vibe.

    Love the yellow dress. It's a classic item that I hope you remix a million times. I can see the 'bee' vibe, and love it.

    Glad you're already getting use out of the buttonflowers. :)

  6. Oh Sheila...how I covet thee floofy skirt!

  7. You look amazing in yellow.
    I love this look on you and that black accent works a treat.

    Hope you are having a fabulous summer....

  8. Oh, SWOON! This outfit is so unbelievably gorgeous! You look phenomenal: everything goes together so, so well!

  9. I wish I had a dress that would bring a pair of Fluevogs every time I wore it! I LOVE the new boots and am very impressed that they're made of felted wool.

  10. Love this bright yellow dress, and I like it with the belts :)

    Your new boots look awesome too!

  11. I love this outfit so hard. Where can I get a stomacher? It's so slimming and is a great outfit feature. Yellow and black together always results in "bee" comments but I love it.

    Those boots look great on. They don't look like much on the website but WOWZA!

    1. I found this one at Dots, but I haven't really seen them around, aside from actual corset-like stomachers. Those usually have lace and laces, etc. on them. Will keep an eye out for one for you. :)

  12. Oh my gosh, this is so lovely Sheila! It's got such a fun 50's retro vibe to it in the best way possible! I love it!

  13. Gorgeous out--love the yellow with black and white!!
    THOSE BOOTS!!! Swoon!!!!!! Can't wait to see them styled this fall!!

  14. aaaw, what a great look! and its in theme with your website colours too.x

  15. Looking back at the first time you wore this dress in July--it's too bad the 80s shoes didn't work out. Anyways, the accessories you chose this time around makes it look like an entirely different dress! I suppose that's the point, haha :)!

  16. Note to self: Need a stomacher and a floofy skirt :)

    I love, love, love this yellow dress. I'd wear it with my silver wide Loft belt and lots of piled up multi-chain/bead necklaces. Because I'm like a magpie :P

    1. And I'm a crow! Caw! Shiny!

      I actually considered wearing it with a silver belt (because of course I have one).

  17. Oh my, oh my! I do believe I love those NEW BOOTS! I like that about platforms, how you feel taller without having the steepness of the heel alone. This yellow dress is awesome! Freakishly, wonderfully yellow. Excellent belt action.

  18. Did Blogger just swallow my comment? I wrote something & it disappeared. If it has been eaten - headline was - those boots are freakin' awesome (70's retro / modern fusion joy)

  19. heehee, can that yellow dress come stay with me for a while? i know a pair of Fluevog Wonder Everest's want to live with me, but they keep not showing up - that yellow dress could be just the thing that gets them here!

    yeah, that's the ticket......nothing to do with money, no no how crass - ha!

    really , putting a frothy petti with that mod dress seems so unexpected when you envision it mentally. But irl it's a dream! really flattering look on you, and i love the way those black shoes lengthen your legs and show off your feet and ankles. Fetching!

    I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it seems like your outfits this year are (somehow, i didn't think you had further to go! you always looked so great!) *even more* flattering to your face and figure than your looks of previous years. I mean you've always had that great funkiness and color and unexpected detail combined with figure flattery thing going. But i've noticed that you've kicked it up a notch - maybe because you're really focusing on just using the items you're really sold on - you love the quality and fit and color and.....?

    I don't know but i'm watching you to see if i can get me some :) snorgles to V! steph


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