Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jul 17th - Outfit #19 - Kaleidoscopic Colours

My usual pressed-for-time Tuesday, as I have my WW meeting shortly. I've been doing my "mostly men" meeting for over a year now, and it's not mostly men, but I do have a larger percentage of men than other meetings that I've led or been to. We're up to 24-25 members (men and women) per meeting now, which is pretty good. 

I had to check back this month to see if I'd worn this skirt already - my members notice! Nope, I'm safe.
Yet another wear of the black jacket. A female coworker commented today, "I need one of those." Seriously, it's so easy to find black suit jackets, especially in thrift or consignment stores. I've gotten rid of 4 or 5 of them in the past few years because I have a tendency to collect them (I'm also really bad about black skirts).

This is the same tank top that I wore casually on the weekend (here, with the black jacket).
I loved how the purple and orange beading went with this skirt (last worn here, 2nd outfit). The gold kitten heels (last worn here) were a good neutral shoe.

I went to town on the sparkle in the accessories:
Dangly earrings with red accents, a purple and red pin, the bracelet from my Myka set, and a wooden ring with two ladies on the face of it.

Matchy heaven!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), top (Freebird, consignment), skirt (Dex, thrifted), shoes (Aldo, consignment), earrings/pin (Plum), ring (consignment), bracelet (Myka, gift from L).

Last night when I finished blogging, I noticed that Vizzini was missing. When I came back to the den/computer, there he was ensconced on the other chair:
What? I'm napping here!
What a lump.

He could barely rouse himself to look at L:
It's a medical condition called "flop-butt"
Silly little bub.


  1. Fabulous skirt, the beading on the blouse really shines with that pattern. Matchy match in the coolest way.

    I'm finally getting away from buying black things, but I still have a lot of black and denim.

    Heehee! Flop-butt. I think that's a great term. (I think I have a case of it this evening)

  2. LOL @ flop-butt.

    FitzRoy is spending all his time lately in a large decorative bowl.

  3. What a great skirt. I've said it before and stand by it. I love how you paired it with that top as it matches so well with the detail on the neck :)

  4. I love those colors with the black. It has a very luxe feel.

  5. Hmmmm, a "mostly men" meeting? Sounds like a place Singletons would want to go :)

    I dunno, this fabric just said "OHWOWPRETTYPRETTYPRETTY" when I clicked on your post. I likes it.

    Can one have too many black skirts? Because if one can, I do not want to incriminate myself.

    Sasha Jane is on the back of my desk chair, gently batting my hair right now. And when I get up, she'll sit down right where I'm sitting. All the silly little bubs must know this trick.

  6. The top looks so different with this skirt! A beautiful combination. I gave my last black blazer to my middle daughter and have been on the hunt for one like it now for months. It was long and good wool. Everything I'm finding seems to be short.

  7. What striking fabric in that skirt! Oh, and I have flop butt too. ;) Not much can be done about it surgically. We just have to suffer through it and exit rooms backwards so nobody notices. ;)

  8. And why WOULDN'T there be mostly men at a meeting you're leading?! Look at yourself, woman!!! ;)

  9. As usual, you look gorgeous. I think I have a case of flop-butt too. How can I stop it?!!

  10. Loving the cat images...
    and I've been seriously shopping.
    You always look great and you make dressing look effortless.

  11. Oh Vizzini is too cute! :)

    Really like this outfit, the skirt has a beautiful pattern and colour to it, and it goes so well with the top! :)

  12. Gorgeous combination - very elegant and with perfect "Sheila" accents.

    When Stinky is on my office chair, my husband's only words are: "You're not going to move her, are you??" Priorities.

  13. Love the beading on the tee against the silky print of the skirt. It makes your hair color pop, and lets the black serve as the perfect backdrop for all the color. You look fabulous in that.

    How great that you have a mostly-men meeting. We used to have those at the WW storefront I ran, and they too were always on Monday nights. Coincidence? I think not. :)

  14. I agree with Lynne, the skirt is very pretty! And the cami matches it perfectly. This month you are really showing how versatile silver kitten heels can be.

    Oh Vezzini you little monkey.

    1. The shoes are actually gold! I like that they can read as a neutral.

  15. Hee hee, flop butt! My Taylor cat loves to sleep on office chairs.

    I love the way the tank top matches the skirt! Very nice!!

  16. Hi Sheila...please take a look at my blog today; I've nominated you for a blogger award...!


  17. totally LOVE this!!! The beading on the Top and the skirt print are a match made in heaven!! I'm also loving your bling!

  18. Love the skirt! Such a lovely pattern! Awesome accessories!



  19. The jewelry is so beautiful. By the way...I did see the ball gown (the one sent the link to) and it is divine!

  20. Haha, your pics of Vizzini made me crack up laughing. :) I think my cats are suffering from the same i"illness" as they are always cuddled up in our chairs and wont budge a paw. ;)


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